Minato Ward, Tokyo, has decided to make Singapore the destination for a school trip for a municipal junior high school next year. It was the first time in Tokyo that he went abroad on a public junior high school field trip.

Minato Ward, located in the center of Tokyo, has been focusing on English education since the first grade of elementary school, and has decided to change the destination of the municipal junior high school school from Kyoto and Nara to Singapore next year in order to help children demonstrate their English conversation skills and deepen their international understanding through cross-cultural experiences.

All third-year students, including special needs classes at all 1 municipal junior high schools, will be eligible, and about 10 students will be eligible for the next fiscal year, and the event will be held from June to September for three nights and five days.

They chose Singapore because English is one of the official languages, the time difference between Singapore and Japan is small, travel time is small, and security is stable and emergency response systems such as accidents are in place.

We are also considering taking classes at local schools and interacting with students.

In order to keep the burden on households to about 3,760 yen per person, which has been the same as in Kyoto and Nara, the ward is expected to compensate about 6,9 yen per person, and more than 3 million yen has been recorded in the supplementary budget proposal, including travel expenses for teachers who lead the faculty and preliminary research expenses.

According to the ward, it is the first time in Tokyo that a public school has been visited.

Reiko Shinozaki, director of the Minato Ward Board of Education's Education Guidance Division, said, "I want the children to feel the power they have gained in a different environment overseas.