Fifteen former believers have newly joined the "collective bargaining" to demand that donations paid by former members of the former Unification Church be refunded, and the number of former believers who have participated in collective bargaining with the religious order has reached 15 so far, and the total amount of claims has reached about 124 billion yen.

The National Unification Church's Lawyers for Damage Countermeasures began collective negotiations in February to demand that the denomination refund donations paid by former believers and others, and so far 2 people have participated in the negotiations.

The defense team held a press conference in Tokyo on the 109th and revealed that 4 former believers and their families had participated in collective bargaining to demand a total refund of more than 15 million yen.

According to the defense team, in most cases, they were solicited in the form of taking advantage of their family's worries about marriage, illness, suicide, and other sufferings.

There are now 3 former believers and family members who have participated in collective bargaining with the cult, including those who have moved to civil mediation, and the total amount of claims has reached about 7000 billion yen.

Susumu Murakoshi, the head of the defense team, said, "We are still receiving consultations from victims, so we do not know how long they will last, but we would like to continue negotiations as long as there are consultations and requests."

The former Unification Church, the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, commented, "We will continue to respond appropriately individually and not as a group."

Defense Lawyers: "The Government Should Request a Dissolution Order Immediately"

Shin Murakoshi, head of the National Unification Church Damage Defense Team, which supports victims, said at a press conference held in Tokyo on May 4 regarding the government's request for a dissolution order against a religious group, saying, "The defense team believes that the former Unification Church systematically and continuously engages in malicious acts that 'violate laws and regulations and grossly violates public welfare,' and falls under the requirements of the dissolution order under the Religious Corporation Law. I would like the government to request a dissolution order as soon as possible, and I would like the court to issue an order as soon as possible."