The picture shows that all units of Guangxi Datenxia Water Conservancy Hub were put into operation for power generation, and the main project was fully completed. Photo by Zhang Chengdong

Nanning, September 9 (Zhongxin Net) -- On September 2, the last unit of Guangxi's Datengxia Water Conservancy Hub was officially put into operation for power generation, marking the full completion of the main project of Datenxia Water Conservancy Hub.

The Dateng Gorge Water Conservancy Hub Project is a landmark project of 172 major water conservancy projects identified by the State Council for water conservation and water supply, and is a key control project in the Pearl River Basin that integrates flood control, shipping, power generation, water resource allocation, irrigation and other functions. The project is equipped with a total of 8 sets of axial flow rotary paddle turbine generator sets with a rated capacity of 200MW, with a total installed capacity of 1600MW, and the technical indicators are in the forefront of the same type of units in China, with a thrust load of 3800 tons, a runner diameter of 10.4 meters, a height of 7.5 meters, an outer diameter of 17.2 meters of the generator stator core, and a maximum diameter of 16.4 meters of the rotor, which is difficult to install and has extremely high technical requirements.

In terms of flood control, joint dispatch with the reservoir group in the river basin can raise the flood control standard of Wuzhou City, Guangxi from once in 50 years to once in 100 years, ensure that Guangzhou City effectively defends against floods in 1915, and raise the flood prevention standard of key flood protection objects in the Pearl River Delta from once in 50 years to once in 100 to 200 years. In terms of shipping, the navigation of the Qianjiang River will be increased from 300 tons to 3000,160 tons, opening up the key nodes of the golden waterway of the Pearl River; In terms of power generation, the total installed capacity is 60.55 million kilowatts, and the designed annual power generation is 10.3 billion kWh, becoming the main power station of Guangxi Power Grid; in terms of water resources allocation, the response time for emergency water replenishment in the river basin is shortened from 120 days to 138 days, effectively ensuring the safety of water supply in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area; in terms of irrigation, it can solve the problem of drought and water shortage of <>.<> million mu of arable land and <>.<> million people in Guizhong, and help local rural revitalization.

The picture shows an aerial photograph of the Dateng Gorge Water Conservancy Hub in Guangxi. Photo by Li Kunfeng

Dateng Gorge Water Conservancy Hub Project with a total investment of 357.36 billion yuan, a total reservoir capacity of 34.79 billion cubic meters, a flood control reservoir capacity of 15.47 billion cubic meters, during the construction period, a number of technical indicators set international or domestic records, with the highest domestic head single-stage lock, the lock lower lock head herringbone door height of 5.8 meters, can be called "the world's first gate", the bottom of the herringbone door mushroom head is forged with high carbon and high chromium stainless steel, which is the first time at home and abroad; It is equipped with 20 sets of the largest axial flow paddle turbine generator sets in China, with a single capacity of 26,6820 kilowatts, ranking first in the same type of units; <> arc-shaped working gates at the forefront of domestic lock and dam projects are arranged, with a maximum thrust load of <>,<> tons; The largest water ecological protection engineering system of domestic water conservancy projects of "one center, double fish road, double breeding station and five artificial habitats" has been built to meet the dam crossing needs of rare fish breeding and migration in the Hongshui River.

In November 2014, the Dateng Gorge Water Conservancy Hub Project started construction, with a planned construction period of 11 years, divided into two phases: left and right bank.

Since the start of construction, Guangxi Datenxia Water Conservancy Hub Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Datenxia Company) has overcome many difficulties such as high temperature and rain, frequent flooding, complex geology, and the impact of the new crown epidemic, overcome technical problems such as ultra-high head herringbone gates, large-scale gate metal structures, and the installation of giant axial flow rotary paddle hydro turbine generator sets, and efficiently promoted project construction under the premise of comprehensively ensuring safety and quality, and successfully achieved major node goals such as river interception, lower lock water storage, ship lock navigation, and unit power generation.

The picture shows an aerial photograph of the Dateng Gorge Water Conservancy Hub in Guangxi. Photo by Li Kunfeng

In the initial operation of the Datenxia Water Conservancy Hub Project for three years, the comprehensive benefits have been remarkable. It has played a key control engineering "trump card" role in flood control in the river basin, especially in the process of resisting the No. 3 flood of the Xijiang River in 2022, intercepting and storing 4 million cubic meters of floodwater, reducing the flood peak by a maximum of 7,3500 cubic meters per second, avoiding the flood peak of the Xijiang River and Beijiang, and ensuring the safety of people's lives and property in the lower reaches of the Xijiang River and the Pearl River Delta; As an important backbone project of the national water network, it has participated in emergency water transfer 12 times, with a cumulative water replenishment of 18.24 billion cubic meters, effectively suppressing the upward flow of salty tides in the Pearl River estuary and providing a solid barrier for water security in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. The locks have achieved 1-hour navigation, the navigation efficiency has been continuously improved, the cumulative nuclear load has exceeded 9 million tons, driving the development of local industries of more than 115 billion yuan; the units that have been put into operation have generated more than <>.<> billion kWh, providing important support for regional power security and making strong contributions to the national carbon peak and carbon neutrality goals; The role of ecological protection measures has been effectively played, and the fish passage and breeding and releasing have achieved remarkable results, realizing "harmony between people and water".

The completion of the main project of the Dateng Gorge Water Conservancy Hub Project will further improve the flood control system of the Pearl River Basin, strengthen the important node of the national water network, and comprehensively complete the "clean energy corridor" of the Hongshui River, providing new impetus for strengthening the governance and management of the Pearl River Basin, improving the ability of water security, promoting the high-quality development of local economy and society, and helping the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. (End)