On August 8, a 31-year-old suspect living in Nishi-ku, Kumamoto City, was arrested on suspicion of stealing an ambulance that had been stopped after receiving a report.

The suspect arrested is Seizo Ueyama (58), whose occupation is unknown from Shiroyama Handa, Nishi-ku, Kumamoto City.

According to the police, it is suspected that they stole an ambulance parked in the parking lot after receiving a 31 call in Shimazaki, Nishi-ku, Kumamoto City after 2 p.m. on the 119st.

According to the police and fire department, the ambulance arrived at the scene after receiving a report that a woman was injured, and paramedics entered the house with the engine running.

When the crew returned, the ambulance was gone, and about 10 minutes later, it was abandoned about 400 meters away, partially broken.

The police found Kamiyama nearby and arrested him because he admitted to driving an ambulance.

According to the Kumamoto City Fire Department, the woman did not need to be transported by ambulance.

According to the police, Ueyama was an acquaintance of the woman and told investigators that he did not want to talk about anything.