• El Hormiguero The funny video of Isabel Pantoja to announce her visit

El Hormiguero returns next Monday to Antena 3 with high guests. Isabel Pantoja will be the first to sit next to Pablo Motos at the table of the program, in his return after having managed to be the most watched interview in the history of El Hormiguero.

In addition to the singer, the new season arrives with actors Mario Casas and Óscar Casas (Tuesday 5), singer Miguel Bosé (Wednesday 6) and actors José Coronado and Marta Nieto (Thursday 7). Atresmedia has also confirmed that among the following guests will be the player of the Spanish Football Team Olga Carmona, the singer Aitana, the singer Mike Towers, the coaches of La VozMalú, Pablo López, Antonio Orozco and Luis Fonsi and the footballer Joaquín Sánchez.

The program captained by Pablo Motos starts its 18th season after closing last year with its best historical result of audiences: a 16.8% average screen share and more than 2.4 million viewers, which place it for the ninth consecutive year as the leader of the night. It is also the most watched program on television.

What's New in Season 18

Among the novelties of the program highlights the signing of Leo Harlem. The comedian joins the team of El Hormiguero in an extreme opinion section in which he will have to improvise on hot topics live.

Also signed by the expert in risk sports Marta Jiménez. Last season, she made the challenge of launching herself from 30 meters high tied to a bungee jumping rubber and filling a glass of water and, when she finished, the Pablo Motos program signed her immediately to make the most dangerous challenges on television, reports Atresmedia in a statement.

The Anthill. The film

Like every season, El Hormiguero will begin with a film shot throughout the year with some of the stars who have passed through the program.

This year premieres Terminal T18, a film full of action and humor starring Tom Hanks, Chris Hemsworth, Jamie Lee Curtis, Rosalía, Bizarrap, and other national and international artists and celebrities.

New section for Pilar Rubio

El Hormiguero will continue to offer its usual sections next season and there will also be news among the collaborators of the program. Pilar Rubio opens a new section: La Perfomance.

The program of Antena 3 will continue to have its gatherings. It will feature Cristina Pardo, Tamara Falcó, Nuria Roca, the controversial Juan del Val, Rubén Amón, María Dabán and Miguel Lago for the current affairs gathering, and Luis Piedrahita, El Monaguillo and Marron for the gathering of comedians. Pablo Motos himself will continue with his section Pasar de la raya.

It will also continue the star section of the program, Science with Brown, which will bring the most amazing technology on the planet. They have already prepared the most sophisticated surgery machine in the world.

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