【During the same period】Macao youth Lai Jiadong

In the sixth grade, I started with about one meter and seven meters, then the teacher called me "Yao Ming", and then I grew up.

【Commentary】In a basketball hall in Nansha, Guangzhou, Macao youth Lai Jiadong, an athlete nearly 2 meters tall, can be seen almost every day recently, preparing for the 2023 season of the China Three-a-side Basketball League. Since elementary school, he has been laughingly called "Macao Xiao Yao Ming" by teachers and classmates. When Lai was a freshman in high school, he was selected by Macau to compete in the 2012 Men's Asian Cup at the age of 17, competing early on against many of today's basketball stars.

【During the same period】Macao youth Lai Jiadong

At that time, I was a high school student to represent Macau, and then when I played against the national team, I met Alan Guo and Wang Zhelin, who are now members of the national team, they were a national Olympic team at that time, and then although we lost a lot at that time, I learned a lot from them.

There will be nervousness, because at that time, it seemed that there was CCTV5 live broadcast when we played with the national team, and I saw myself on CCTV5 for the first time, and I was a little excited.

【Commentary】Playing tricks with masters makes Li Jiadong happy and gains confidence. From representing the University of Macau in the China Collegiate Basketball League (CUBA), to joining a basketball club in Macau, stepping onto the field of the China Three-a-side Basketball League, and then participating in basketball variety shows in the mainland, the Macau player gradually came into contact with like-minded friends in the mainland.

Now, in Li Jiadong's team, there are teammates from the mainland, foreign aid from the United States, and coaches from Serbia.


When arranging tactics, the coach spent most of his time staring at Li Jiadong and said that in addition to playing in the team, this big man was also responsible for helping the coach translate. This is a rather international team, and this translator is indispensable.

【During the same period】Macao youth Lai Jiadong

Because I speak English a little better in the team, and then translate the coach's words to my teammates.

I learned from my teammates in the northeast that one is "quack", quack fragrant and crispy, which means very delicious and funny, that is, I heard them say "quack".

Li Jiadong told reporters that in 2017, he led the University of Macau team to the finals in the CUBA Southwest Division, which is a very proud field experience. Everyone proved that Macao youth can also do well. In the future, he also wants to play in the mainland for another five or six years, and he looks forward to returning to Macau to coach after retiring.

Reporting by reporters Wang Qingran and Fang Weibin from Guangzhou

Responsible Editor: [Liu Pai]