Beijing, August 8 (Reporter Shangguanyun) In 22, sci-fi film and television works such as "The Wandering Earth 2023" will cause heated discussions on social platforms, and many sci-fi works have also attracted attention.

The reporter learned from the organizer that the third Reader Science Fiction Literature Award was awarded a few days ago, and a total of 34 winners were produced, of which 3 authors won the gold award. The gold award-winning works are Qi Ran's "The Maneuver of Laplace", Juchu's "If Emotions Can Be Sold" and Mo Yao's "Back to Childhood".

As a representative of the judges, Yan Feng, professor of the Department of Chinese of Fudan University, praised the amazing creativity shown by the entries, believing that domestic science fiction is in the boom of the past and future, and presents a vivid leap under the joint construction of the new generation of creators.

In addition, many of the entries for this year's Reader Science Fiction Literature Award involve artificial intelligence, some express concern and vigilance about the AI crisis, some convey a positive expectant attitude, or show a warm and soft core.

Dai Jinhua, a professor at Peking University, said, "In this work, I feel that the young science fiction author expresses a very strong imagination, and at the same time shows a brave and strong attitude, which is what particularly touches me." ”

For literary creation, is ChatGPT a constraint or a help? In this regard, Yan Feng, Dai Jinhua, Jiang Xiaoyuan, chair professor of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and Yao Haijun, deputy editor-in-chief of Science Fiction World, discussed the current situation and development of science fiction writing.

In Yao Haijun's view, everything is a matter of proportion, and artificial intelligence has indeed brought some changes: "The cover design of the book used now, there are also covers, I feel particularly beautiful, the efficiency is also very high, indeed than we hire a painter to paint, both in terms of cost and speed will be much faster." ”

Yan Feng said, "If ChatGPT helps you brainstorm, help you find writing materials, open up brain holes, if the machine can provide this quickly, we can focus on more creative and creative work." Because each of us, the field of knowledge is limited. ”

For ChatGPT, Dai Jinhua emphasized that what it cannot replicate is the criticism of people after a certain experience. So she prefers works that have "a certain determination, a certain courage and obsession, a certain attitude of inquiry and questioning", because "those who express despair are the ones who have hope". (End)