They beat the fans with compulsive frenzy to drive away the forty-four degrees that stuck to the skin like boiling latex. Generating air was becoming impossible. A viscous mass permeated the atmosphere of the square, condensing the movements. Can you imagine putting on a dress of lights in Pedro Botero's cauldron? And ramming? Of how the high temperature could affect the bullfight of Juan Pedro Domecq -low performance and race finally-, he spoke in the morning between questions in the English bar of the Carlton Hotel with Fernando Cepeda. That has been the great discovery for many -not for me- of the time that OneToro TV takes -and of what it has left-, absent after 30 years of television in this essential enclave of the backbone of the party: Madrid, Seville and Bilbao. This is how it was always mentioned, and so it continues to be -even with Vista Alegre suffering-, the core line of bullfighting that crosses Spain from North to South.

I told Cepeda the anger caused by the potential that Alejandro Talavante is wasting in this his return. What he came to confirm hours later – despite the mirage of a very bulky triumph – in the crematorium of Vista Alegre with the third bull of Juan Pedro, which rammed with a melted class. The precise power, of course. Such a delicatessen closed the turn of the three cinqueños of the shipment with his spoonful face and his works and his hanging tranco, that are what poets have been asking for. When AT said goodbye in its fullness in 2018, the bulls were jumping down his thighs; Since he returned he has not met with one.

He is now a bullfighter who walks the onslaught, never clutches with them. It has become, more than disorderly, which it always was under the umbrella of improvisation, chaotic in the constant search for effectiveness. And, although with this juampedro he found the point of getting at his slow speed, keeping pace -bullfighting slowly is something else-, and his left continues to send signals from the interstellar past, he insists on moving away from the true path of recovery. The principle of overhanging work with that inconvenient backbone that, in addition, made him lose his foot and end up on his knees, was ridiculous. So inappropriate with such a good bull, pure softness and all kind. The pulse caught it, I say. But with the right hand, especially, he passes them through Burgos. He retains the gift of connection with the public and, if he did not listen to the palmeros, he would be aware that a bullfighting figure, a guy with his potential, is obliged to curdle that real bull and not console himself with an ear. The farewell manoletinas and a loose but deadly lunge put the point and followed what would be a crazy apotheosis.

Is Talavante recoverable with all its potential? So, of course, no. I still think that his most bullfighting version was found in the last of Curro Vázquez. He lacks that voice that whispers bullfighting. Simón Casas, his current attorney, argues that he is called to take the place of the mysticism of José Tomás. I do not see JT with as many populist effects as before the sixth, which completed the (luxury) lot of Juan Pedro's bullfight. Less but with an expensive air. At the beginning of work, on your knees. Which is, by the way, when it most hooks the bulls and fits on the right hand. A pass of contempt looking at the laying, the wild card of his bullfighting, and lit the fire. Short series such as the sense of bullfighting: two right-handers to underline here, two natural and maybe a batch as psychophony of the old Tala here. And to throw the help, a hint of luquecinas that were not, a clean body and again for the people. A lunge and neither more nor less than two ears of Bilbao. A laugh.

From the bullfight, once again, the two worst bulls entered the ball of Morante de la Puebla. The room was also crossed, as if repaired from sight. Or at least beating a lot on the left. On the way out, Morante had to throw the cape in his face and miraculously reach the alley. He wanted to make the effort for the right python after having abbreviated with the first, a distracted and empty bull that did not humiliate even by chance. But then an offensive thundering voice was heard: "You're very fat!" And MdlP felt hurt and cut short the series and the task. The anger was heard in Seville. Another, I mean. This Thursday repeat and we will see.

José María Manzanares with a medium lot -neither fu nor fa in his way of leaving, with better beginnings than ends- did not finish anything. Not a pass, literally. He doesn't seem to finish them, to finish them prematurely. So encased in his bullfighting that he has been stripped even with the sword.

And when the afternoon fell, not the fire that inhabited it, they carried Alejandro Talavante on their shoulders. With three ears, three, in Bilbao. As if to cough at him. Or read this chronicle.


VISTALEGRE SQUARE. Tuesday, August 22, 2023. Quarter of fair Almost half entrance. Bulls by Juan Pedro Domecq; three Cinqueños (1st, 2nd and 3rd); well presented9s, of low breed; They highlighted the class of the 3rd and the kindness of the 6th; They left 2nd and 5th, with better starts than finals; empty the distracted 1st; The 4th was crossed by the left.

MORANTE DE LA PUEBLA, of albero and gold. Half skillful lunge and hairless (anger). In the fourth, two punctures and almost entire lunge (anger).

JOSÉ MARÍA MANZANARES, FROM BORDEAUX AND GOLD. Three punctures and lunge (silence). In the fifth, half lunge (silence).

ALEJANDRO TALAVANTE, of mauve and gold. Loose lunge (ear). In the sixth, lunge (two ears). He walked out on his shoulders.

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