While the intense heat continues every day, dairy farmers have been greatly affected by the increase in electricity used at a ranch in Noto Town, Ishikawa Prefecture, by operating electric fans as a measure against the heat of cows.

The Nishide Ranch in Noto Town raises a total of about 15 cows on a site of about 50 hectares and produces milk.

Although the ranch is located in the hills of the Noto Peninsula, the room temperature in the barn exceeds 35 degrees Celsius on some days due to the severe heat every day, and milk production is decreasing because the cows are sensitive to the heat.

According to the ranch, the production by the 20th of this month is more than 1,1400 liters, which is about 1% less than originally expected.

At the ranch, 12 large fans installed in the barn where the cows are located are operating 24 hours a day to prevent the heat, but this month's rate is expected to be about 1.4 times higher than last year due to soaring electricity bills.

In addition, since the end of the rainy season last month, some of the grass grown on the site has withered without heavy rain, which has had a major impact on the ranch.

Minoru Nishide, who runs the ranch, said, "Due to the decrease in milk production, we lost hundreds of thousands of yen in one month, which is a big blow.