Chongqing, 8 Aug (Zhongxin Net) -- For the first time in five years, the "double flying" couple spent "Qixi Festival" together at an altitude of 22,<> meters

Written by Zhang Xu

"On the seventh day of the Year of the Rabbit, go to the sky and the ends of the earth with the people you love the most." On August 8, on flight PN22 from Chongqing to Sanya, the "post-6213" couple Wang Shaopeng and Qiao Yu came to a special "date".

Wang Shaopeng and Qiao Yu are a "double flying" couple of Western Airlines, husband Wang Shaopeng is a pilot, and his wife Qiao Yu is a purser, the two met in 2017 and entered the marriage hall in 2018. With the birth of his son, the family of three lived a full and happy life.

On August 8, before going to work, in the parking lot, Wang Shaopeng prepared a thoughtful gift for his wife. Photo by Zhou Xuan

Although they both work for an airline, because they often perform different flight tasks, Wang Shaopeng and Qiao Yu do not have many opportunities to meet at work, "only once or twice a year." In the five years of marriage, they have never "slept down to watch morning glory Vega together", let alone spent "Qixi" together at an altitude of 10,000 meters, and the most recent flight together was on New Year's Day this year.

However, on the 22nd (Qixi), they unexpectedly scheduled a joint flight between Chongqing and Sanya. When the two found this information, they were very happy: although they performed their respective duties on the plane, it was also an extremely romantic thing to be able to spend "Qixi" together at an altitude of <>,<> meters.

Wang Shaopeng (right) and his wife Qiao Yu (left) attend a pre-flight collaboration meeting on August 8. Photo by Zhou Xuan

At 22 o'clock on the 5nd, Qiao Yu turned off the alarm clock and got up, brushed his teeth and washed his face, woke up Wang Shaopeng, and began to make up. The son and his parents went to escape the summer, and there was no one at home to say goodbye, so they quietly went out, and they drove to the company together to participate in the pre-flight collaboration meeting together. As on weekdays, they and their colleagues analyzed the characteristics and precautions of the route, and although they were already familiar with the process, they were "waiting for the battle" every time.

The husband and wife are in different jobs, the content of the work is different, although there is a brief contact at work, but because of the busyness, there are not many opportunities to talk together. "Flight is a systems project, not only with pilots and flight attendants, but also with ground services, cargo and so on." Wang Shaopeng said that everyone is serving the safe and comfortable travel of passengers, encouraging each other at work, and after completing the flight together, a sense of achievement was born.

On August 8, Wang Shaopeng and Qiao Yu took a group photo in front of the upcoming plane. Photo by Zhou Xuan

During the flight, taking the opportunity of the cabin broadcast, Wang Shaopeng said: "Today is Qixi, I wish all passengers and friends a lover to become a family member in the end." At the same time, I am also very happy to carry out this flight with my lover, Qiao Yu, the purser of this flight. Hearing this, the scene erupted into applause and cheers. Qiao Yu, who was serving passengers in the cabin, heard her husband's blessing and smiled sweetly.

On August 8, before the flight took off, Qiao Yu handed Wang Shaopeng a water cup. Photo by Zhou Xuan

The work of flying brought the family together less and more, and time would be cut into different "pieces", but it did not make them lose their enthusiasm for work and life. The same work experience allows them to understand each other a little more, meet to "eat well, sleep well, work well", when they have time, Qiao Yu will study and study cooking, and Wang Shaopeng will take pictures and videos to preserve the bits and pieces of life. On Tanabata day, after the flight of the day, they also had a ceremonial date like other couples.

For flying, the duo's love has never diminished. "As participants in the flight, getting passengers to their destination has always been our ideal." Wang Shaopeng said that as a pilot, he has accumulated more than 3000,8500 flight hours; As a flight attendant, his wife has accumulated more than <>,<> flight hours. (End)