Original title: Don't let the takeaway packaging fee become a "confused account"

"A bun is only more than 3 yuan, and the plastic bag packaging fee for takeaway buns costs 1.8 yuan." "I paid for 5 bags, but I only gave one bag." ...... Recently, in response to the widely criticized problem of excessive takeaway packaging fees, the Jiangsu Provincial Consumer Protection Commission issued a document suggesting that takeaway platforms should improve the mechanism for packaging fees and clarify the pricing standards for packaging fees. As early as June this year, the Shanghai Municipal Consumer Protection Commission also called for the formulation of rules for the collection of takeaway packaging fees as soon as possible, and the choice of takeaway packaging was handed over to consumers (according to Guangming Network on August 6).

Ordering takeaway is convenient and fast, and more and more offline physical restaurants have also launched online delivery business, which not only relieves the pressure of offline dining, but also brings dividends to consumers with preferential benefits provided by online platforms and merchants. However, consumer complaints about packaging fees break this "harmony": how exactly is the packaging fee calculated, and why is there no one charging standard? It is clear that a packing box can be put down, why pack separately? Why can't I choose my own packaging method?

According to the relevant provisions of the Law on the Protection of Rights and Interests of Consumers, consumers enjoy the right to know the true situation of the goods they purchase or use or the services they receive, and enjoy the right to independently choose goods or services. In other words, when collecting the packaging fee, the takeaway merchant does not clearly inform the consumer of the collection of the packaging fee, and does not ask the consumer what kind of packaging method to choose and the specifications of the packaging box, its behavior may infringe on the consumer's right to know and independent choice.

Consumers may be fooled the last time, but they can't be fooled every time. Some takeaway businesses, while providing consumers with full reduction services, also manipulate the packaging fee and collect fees at will, which not only infringes on consumers' right to fair trade, but also plays a moment of cleverness and ultimately destroys their own reputation and reputation, and loses the trust of consumers. Therefore, for takeaway businesses, they should put honest operation and operation in accordance with the law in the first place. From the perspective of legal operation, takeaway merchants should mark the packaging fee collection standards in a conspicuous position on the takeaway detail page, including which need packaging, which do not need packaging, and the size of the packaging boxes of different specifications. In addition, takeaway merchants should return the choice of packaging fee to consumers, allowing consumers to choose their own packaging method on the basis of clarifying the specifications and prices of the packaging box.

In order to eliminate "packaging assassins", relying on the strength of the merchant side alone is a bit thin, and it also needs the joint efforts of relevant law enforcement departments and takeaway platforms. The Measures for the Supervision and Administration of Food Safety in Online Catering Services issued by the State Food and Drug Administration stipulate that local food and drug regulatory departments at or above the county level shall promptly investigate and deal with illegal acts that infringe on the legitimate rights and interests of consumers such as indiscriminate collection of packaging fees by online catering service providers, and such provisions shall be implemented in the field of takeaway in a timely manner to avoid the continuous spread of such problems and adverse consequences. Administrative organs such as prices should continuously improve the pricing mechanism for takeaway packaging fees, and when appropriate, issue standards and scope for the collection of takeaway packaging fees, or issue relevant guidelines to help takeaway businesses standardize the collection of takeaway packaging fees. The takeaway platform can take the collection of packaging fees as a hard indicator for reviewing the take-out merchants settled in, and take consumers' complaints about the packaging fees of take-out merchants as the standard for measuring the performance of merchants on the stars, so as to prevent takeaway merchants from arbitrarily charging packaging fees from the source.

In the context of the network economy, it is particularly important for consumers to buy smoothly and use it with peace of mind, so the takeaway packaging fee cannot be made a "confused account" that cannot be understood. (Procuratorial Daily)