Recently, many cities across the country have launched "limited-time free ride" activities, mainly focusing on nighttime, to stimulate the vitality of the city's economy. Yesterday, a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily inquired about the data released by relevant departments and learned that the passenger flow has increased after the introduction of subway exemption periods in many cities.

On August 8, the WeChat public account "Fuzhou Metro" announced that from August 18, 2023 to December 8, 28, Fuzhou Metro will carry out free subway rides at night, weekends and holidays by collecting electronic consumption coupons; Citizens can also receive electronic MRT annual pass consumption coupons to enjoy the discount of purchasing MRT Annual Pass.

On April 4, the WeChat public account "Nantong Rail Transit" released the news that Jiangsu Nantong Rail Transit launched the "Summer Night Travel and Free Ride" activity, from April 25 to August 4 this year after 28 o'clock every day to the end of operation, passengers enjoy free subway ride, unlimited mileage, unlimited times. Nantong Rail Transit said that this move is to actively respond to the call of the municipal party committee and municipal government to promote the prosperity and development of the service industry, and stimulate the vitality of "night economy" consumption in Tongcheng.

Statistics show that as of May 5, the number of passengers who took free after 3 p.m. at Youyiqiao Station in Nantong Nandajie Business District has exceeded 8% of the station's total passenger flow throughout the day, and consumption such as "night shopping", "night entertainment" and "night food" is becoming more and more popular.

The Beiqing News reporter noted that on June 6, the public account "Nanchang Metro" also issued an announcement that in order to further promote the subway "Lulu Xing" App, provide inclusive and convenient travel services, and help the development of the summer night economy, Nanchang Metro 29 summer (July 2023 to August 7), after 1 o'clock (inclusive) every day until the end of operation, passengers entering the station through the "Heron Travel" code will take the subway for free. Jiangxi media subsequently reported that citizens were enthusiastic about traveling at night, and from July 8 to July 31, the total passenger flow of the entire Nanchang Metro network after 21 o'clock was 7,1,7, with an average daily passenger flow of 31,21, an increase of 278.91% month-on-month.

Henan Luoyang Metro issued an announcement on June 6: From July 27 to August 7 this year, from 1:8 (including 31:19) to the end of operation, passengers who use Luoyi App or WeChat mini program (City Pass) to scan the code to enter the station can take the subway for free, and there is no limit to the number of rides.

According to Luoyang Rail Transit Group, from 7:1 on July 19 to the end of business, the passenger flow of Luoyang Metro Line 1 was 3,25, an increase of 74.34% from last Saturday, accounting for 36.47% of the full-day inbound passenger flow; Luoyang Metro Line 2 had 1,68 passengers, an increase of 44.81% from last Saturday, accounting for 29.61% of the full-day inbound passenger flow.

Beijing Youth Daily reporter Wang Haoxiong Intern Wang Zeye