According to the weather forecaster, this week was abnormally warm - with a temperature of 4-6 ° C above normal, and on weekends and next week the values will be about normal.

"Today, from 15 p.m. to 18 p.m., there will be a cold front and tomorrow we will find ourselves in its rear, colder part. Accordingly, tonight and night cloudy with clearings, intermittent rains and thunderstorms. The temperature at night is +14 ... + 16 ° C, "said Tsygankov.

He noted that on Saturday it will be cloudy with clearings and almost no precipitation.

"The wind will remain northern, northeast - 5-10 m / s. The temperature during the day is + 24 ... + 26 ° C. That is, compared to the past days - 3-4 ° C cooler. On Sunday night - partly cloudy, intermittent rain is possible, the temperature is + 14 ... + 16 ° C. On Sunday afternoon, short-term rain is also possible. The wind is light, variable. It is predicted +24 ... + 26 ° C," the specialist added.

According to preliminary forecasts, the upcoming working week will be cloudy and rainy.

Earlier, the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia reported that on August 18, cloudy weather with clearings and short-term rain, thunderstorms in places is expected in Moscow and in the region.