In response to an elementary school student being seriously injured by a nail driven into the ground in a park in Nishio City, Aichi Prefecture, the city of Nagoya urgently inspected parks in the city and found a total of about 57 metal pins and nails in 600 parks.
Since a string was tied to some of them, it is believed that they were hammered in as a marker for the position of the baseball base.

In response to a serious injury to an elementary school student who was practicing softball in a park in Nishio City in April with a nail that was driven into the ground, the city of Nagoya inspected 4 parks in the city this month that include baseball grounds and plazas.

As a result, a total of about 207 metal pins and nails were found in 57 parks.

All the pins and nails found were driven into the ground, and some had colored strings tied to the ends, suggesting that they were driven in as markers of the baseball base.

The City of Nagoya will also conduct regular patrols of the more than 600,1200 parks that were not subject to inspection this time, and will promptly remove hazardous materials if they are found.

The City of Nagoya has warned users that it is extremely dangerous to drive pins and nails into the ground.