Marie Gicquel, edited by Gauthier Delomez / Photo credits: Romain Doucelin / Hans Lucas / Hans Lucas via AFP 20:16 pm, August 07, 2023

Next winter, some 30,000 works of contemporary art will be sent to the Moon, from heroic fantasy novels to Christmas carols and various paintings. All these collections will be digitized, according to an idea by a Canadian physicist named Samuel Peralta to create a "Lunar Codex".

A digital museum... on the Moon. This is the crazy project carried by a Canadian physicist, Samuel Peralta, via his idea called Lunar Codex. In total, 30,000 works of contemporary art will be sent to the Moon through four capsules that will be launched next winter. This is the largest art collection sent into space and to do this, it was chosen to digitize them in order to save space.

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These 30,000 works of art will be digitized with very small memory cards integrated into the rovers, NASA's rovers, and therefore, they will be deposited in the dust of the lunar soil.

For the France, a painting representing a large canyon

These works include heroic fantasy novels, music such as Christmas carols, poems about global warming, Ukrainian prints depicting war and even podcasts. These different works come from all over the world. In France, it will be the painting of the cartoonist Christophe Vacher which represents a large canyon will imagine. It will take off from Earth in the fall of 2024.

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These collections will join other works deposited on the Moon such as The Moon Museum, a ceramic tile representing drawings, including those of Andy Warhol. A symbolic gesture, but these capsules, like bottles in the sea containing terrestrial archives, will perhaps, one night, be discovered by aliens...