Recently, a bear in Hangzhou Zoo caught fire, because the video of standing and interacting with tourists on the Internet was called "popular in people", which spread all over the Internet and social platforms, making Hangzhou Zoo's popularity skyrocket. The reporter came to Hangzhou Zoo Xiongshan to visit the field, and saw that a large number of tourists gathered at Xiongshan, as long as the bear came out to the activity, everyone took out their mobile phones and cameras to shoot, and many people took the initiative to interact with the bear to attract them to stand up.

【Live Sound】Tourist Ms. Shan

It's fun, kids have to come to see it. He prefers to look at animals, and he looks at each of them.

Took him to see them all today?


How long have you been here in Bear Mountain today?

It's been more than 20 minutes, it's good, today it didn't stand up, it waited, it didn't stand up.

【Contemporaneous】Tourist Mr. Ren

It's not that this bear is more popular on the Internet, and then I am ready to pick a few scenes, (come to the zoo) for about 40 minutes, and look for this after a circle. Later, I saw that the netizens were checking in and saying that it was true, and I wanted to see if it would really stand up, so today I came to verify it, and I did see it earlier. I took a few shots but didn't get to the moment of standing up, and wait.

The reporter immediately interviewed the relevant person in charge of Hangzhou Zoo, and Jiang Zhi, deputy director of the zoo, told the reporter that the bear must be a real bear, but not the black bear as mentioned in the video but a Malay bear, which is the smallest bear in the bear family, which is active and good at standing. He stressed that no one can stand playing a bear in the heat, and there are 2 bears living together in the bear area.

【During the same period】 Jiang Zhi, deputy director of Hangzhou Zoo

First of all, this bear is a real bear, and the second is not the black bear mentioned in the video, but a Malay bear, a national first-class key protected animal. (Near) 40 degrees in the heat of <> degrees people can't eat this is one, the second we have a Malay bear area inside there is a Malay bear, two bears are displayed outside.

Jiang Zhi said that according to their statistics, the number of people visiting Bear Mountain after this bear became popular increased by about 30%. In order to prevent the bears from suffering from heat stroke, the garden put enough water in the bear area pool for them to play and cool down, and added many melons and fruits to the food, such as watermelons, pears, apples, etc. Finally, they welcome citizens and visitors to visit the zoo to guide and supervise their work.

【During the same period】 Jiang Zhi, deputy director of Hangzhou Zoo

The video he took by the tourist, and then followed by some language, can indeed arouse everyone's entertainment mood, the second bear it stands up, from the back because its height is a little similar to us an adult, so (video) is easy to cause misunderstanding, the third our response is to quickly explain the real situation to everyone. Next, in the bear area, more popular science display boards will be added to the bear display area to show the knowledge of bears to the majority of visitors to the park, and the general public and tourists are also welcome to criticize and correct the shortcomings in our work.

Reporting by Shen Yishan and Wu Junyi in Hangzhou

Responsible Editor: [Ge Cheng]