According to the city meteorological station issued at 31 o'clock on the 9st: heavy rain red, thunder yellow, wind blue warning, today daytime to 1 day heavy rain to heavy rain, local rain is strong, accompanied by six or seven gusts.

Beijing CDC reminds you to pay attention to rain and wind prevention and traffic safety, minimize going out, heavy rainfall weather, send you ten health and disease prevention tips.

Do you know these ten health and disease prevention tips?


Wash your hands when returning from a trip

The first thing you do when you come back from going out is wash your hands, with soap or hand sanitizer, and using running water to wash your hands properly.


Drinking water is hygienic and safe

Drink boiled water and bottled water, develop a good habit of not drinking raw water, and do not drink water with color, odor (except for the smell of disinfectants such as residual chlorine or ozone), and turbid.


Food should pay attention to prevent pollution

The climate temperature is high, the humidity is high, bacteria, mold is easy to multiply, food is very easy to be contaminated by these microorganisms, so meals as much as possible on the same day, leftovers, leftovers to be refrigerated, before eating to heat thoroughly.


Packaged foods are recommended

Do not wash fruits and vegetables with rainwater or water contaminated by rainwater, if the supply of fresh ingredients cannot be guaranteed for the time being, it is recommended to eat qualified packaged food.


Rainwater tableware should be cleaned and disinfected in time

Rainy kitchenware, tableware should be thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and then used, the simple and easy disinfection method is boiling, the washed kitchenware, tableware completely soaked in water heated to boiling, keep for 15 minutes can achieve the purpose of disinfection.


All kinds of food "six do not eat"

★ Contaminated food is not consumed.

★ Moldy foods are not consumed.

★ Unwashed melons and fruits are not edible.

★ Animal meat of unknown causes of death is not consumed.

★ Wild mushrooms are not consumed.

★ Do not consume raw and cold foods.


Rain-soaked skin needs to be washed

During heavy rain, exposed skin is very likely to be exposed to rainwater, and rain-soaked parts should be cleaned with water in time to avoid causing various skin diseases.


Clean up the external environment in time

Clean up rainwater and garbage around the house in time to reduce mosquito breeding, prevent mosquitoes and flies.


Protect water sources on rainy days

Timely remove sludge, garbage, animal feces, dead animals and other pollution sources around and upstream of water sources, especially cleaning and sanitation of key parts such as toilets.


Do a good job of self-health monitoring

During the flood season, we should pay close attention to the physical condition of ourselves and our families, eat and live regularly, avoid overwork, pay attention to weather changes at any time, increase or decrease clothes in a timely manner, prevent colds, and seek medical attention in time if there is discomfort.

★ Any unit or individual, once an abnormality in drinking water is found, it shall promptly report to the local health supervision department.

★ If you have symptoms of discomfort after drinking water, seek medical attention in time and report to the disease prevention and control agency.

★ Maintaining safe drinking water hygiene is the responsibility and obligation of each and every one of us.

★ We must take active action and work together, starting from ourselves and from now on, to raise awareness of disease prevention, develop good hygiene habits, ensure health, and safely pass the flood season.