The unexpected failure of the court deal, according to which Hunter Biden received minimal punishment for a serious tax crime by the standards of American justice, which surprisingly coincided with the beginning of another, but much more convincing than the previous ones, attempts to impeach President Joe Biden, gave rise to predictions about a change in the balance of power in American politics.

Indeed, the decision of Judge Mariellen Noreika, who said that she was not ready to seal with her name a hastily cobbled together deal between the president's son and the investigation, is surprising for the current system of hypocritical American authoritarianism.

The main idea is that the "collective Biden", which is a coalition of clans, clans and interest groups, mixed with personal likes, dislikes and grievances of student times, is becoming more and more chaotic, corrupt and unpredictable. This is noticeable at least in the US policy towards China, which has been brought to a complete impasse, as well as in corruption scandals around the supply of weapons to Ukraine. There is no need to talk about the moral and political decay of the Biden administration. And now they are trying to pacify this "freemen of corrupt globalists" in the classic American way - by highlighting compromising evidence and litigation.

The main thing is that the impeachment of the president is becoming the main form of the political process in the United States. Since Trump, the fuss around the impeachment of the incumbent president has become the center of the political process, effectively overshadowing all other aspects of American politics and real problems.

Against the background of other problems of the United States, ranging from the collapse of public debt to the social degradation of megacities, political chatter around the impeachment of the president looks like the safest topic for letting off political steam for society. Regardless of the specific name of the president. Therefore, everyone in the United States is sure that there are no real prospects for impeachment, but they are diligently inflating the topic.

To simplify, the impeachment process has finally become only a process that is not at all aimed at any real result.

And the emasculation, discrediting of the very institution of the presidency in the United States, it seems, is already considered a "permissible evil."

It cannot be ruled out that the American political and economic aristocracy, predominantly globalist, has generally aimed at a radical reformatting of the US political system in the near future. And the institution of a strong president simply becomes redundant.

But we note three other reasons why the process of impeachment of the President of the United States will remain only a process, albeit a noisy one.

• "The Trump Factor". The political aristocracy of the United States has not yet matured to recognize Trump's return as the "lesser evil." Republican leaders are clearly not seeking to impeach Biden to open the doors to Trump's White House. Although there is already progress: the main weather vane is Ron DeSantis, who supported Biden's impeachment.

• The "Biden factor", or rather, the lack of a real successor to the current head of administration among the Democrats. The "emptiness behind Biden" in the Democratic Party radicalizes its behavior, including in terms of going beyond written and unwritten norms.

• "The China Factor". Both Democrats and Republicans, who are gradually seizing control of the "Chinese agenda", understand that the real advancement of the impeachment process at the time of the strategic aggravation of relations with the PRC can have serious consequences.

So it seems that all parties (and there are clearly more than two of them) are interested in keeping the topic of Biden's impeachment in the current format of a "PR event".

But now in the United States, more than ever, the element of accidents, petty scandals that snowball, accidental deaths, etc., is becoming significant. But, as the history of Hunter Biden's court deal shows, the situation may change.

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