He is an actor and a word-of-mouth dean behind the artist

Zhao Youliang, the first director of the National Theatre, died at the age of 78

On July 7, Zhao Youliang, former president of the China National Theatre and a national first-class actor, died of illness at the age of 26.

Bringing up the juniors is called "the lamp bearer."

On July 7, the National Theatre of China released an obituary: Comrade Zhao Youliang, a member of the Communist Party of China, a member of the China Dramatists Association, a member of the China Film Association, a first-class actor of the China National Theatre (former president of the Central Experimental Theater and the president of the National Theatre of China), and a famous performing artist, died at 26:2023 a.m. on July 7, 26 at his home in Tokyo, Japan, at the age of 7. Respect the wishes of the family, and the funeral is simple.

In Zhao Youliang's life, the proportion of theater managers far exceeded his actor career, and even after he took up leadership positions in the 80s, he rarely had the opportunity to appear on the stage again, but a group of talented theater people also benefited, and Zhao Youliang was even called "the man with the lamp".

In 1987, he became the first vice president of China Children's Art Theater, and in 1990, he was appointed as the former director of the Central Experimental Theater. On December 2001, 12, the former China Youth Art Theater and the former Central Experimental Theater merged to form the China National Theatre, opening a new era of Chinese drama, and Zhao Youliang became the first president. As the head of the drama national team, he not only advocated the launch of his first work "The Dawn Here is Quiet", but also launched a series of measures during the trough of drama, cooperated with private productions, supported independent production, and promoted newcomers.

Nearly seventy years old starred in Cui Jian directed the movie

In addition to the head of the national theater, as an actor Zhao Youliang, his film and television also have many classic images in the hearts of the audience, and the most expressive screen image is "Sinful Debt" directed by Huang Shuqin and adapted from Ye Xin's novel of the same name. In this family ethics drama with the theme of intellectual youth, Shen Ruochen, played by Zhao Youliang, wearing square-framed glasses, is still a classic image of a gentle and helpless Shanghai man, representing the public aesthetics of that era. Later, in his seventies, he also starred in the first movie "Blue Bones" directed by Cui Jian, which shows that his concept is new and unconservative.

In the hearts of many dramatists, Zhao Youliang is an artist and manager who wins with personality charm, calm and low-key but very artistic appreciation, and his enlightened and relaxed attitude has created a flourishing ecology for art, and has become a rare reputation dean.


Tian Qinxin: Unforgettable growth, Dean Zhao's silent support

In the view of Tian Qinxin, the current president of the National Theatre, he became a director under the promotion and protection of Zhao Youliang, then president of the Central Experimental Theater. Being able to write and direct in "Life and Death" where good actors are gathered at the age of 30, won all the national awards that could be won at that time, and became the most popular female director in the theater industry, Tian Qinxin remembered Zhao Youliang's grace of acquaintance. She clearly remembers the details of her first play "Life and Death" rehearsed at the Central Experimental Theater more than 20 years ago, "At that time, I went to the office to find Dean Zhao Youliang, he still used a lunch box to bring rice, and the aluminum lunch box was placed on the heater, and now I have this picture in my head." The first time I directed the play, Dean Zhao was worried about what problems I encountered in the process of setting up the stage, so I asked Yang Zongjing, the director-turned-vice dean in charge of business, to sit on the scene for a day, at that time I didn't understand why, and later I learned that it was Dean Zhao who said, this child's play is well arranged, don't pretend not to be on stage, in case of difficulties, you help coordinate. Later, Dean Yang went back to report to Dean Zhao, saying that the kid was dressed up well. ”

After becoming the president of the National Theatre, Tian Qinxin's first call was to President Zhao Youliang, although he is in Japan, Zhao Youliang has heard the news that the "doll director" in his eyes has become the head of the national dialect. If he hadn't seen Tian Qinxin's directorial debut "Broken Wrist", he would not have had the opportunity to be transferred to the theater or even grow all the way to become the dean of Mandarin in the future. For Zhao Youliang, Tian Qinxin has always been grateful, "The theater has made me feel at home, even if I become the dean today, I will often think about the state of being a young artist, and I will also give back to the theater the opportunity I encountered back then, so that the tradition of this theater can be passed on under my leadership." ”

Text/Beijing Youth Daily reporter Guo Jia

Co-ordination/Man Yi