The Japan Transport Safety Board, which is investigating the cause of the sinking of a sightseeing boat off the Shiretoko Peninsula, held an "opinion hearing" held when a serious accident occurs on the 26th to hear opinions from experts and others on the report that shows the facts.

Regarding the sinking of a sightseeing boat off the Shiretoko Peninsula, the National Transport Safety Board of Japan released a progress report in December last year stating that seawater flowed in through a hatch with a defective fastener, and in June, based on an investigation into the president of the operating company, released a report showing the detailed facts of the accident.

On the 26th, an opinion hearing meeting was held to hear opinions from five experts selected as "public speakers" on whether the content of the factual report is appropriate and measures to prevent recurrence.

The consultation has been held in the event of a serious accident such as the Nikko Jumbo plane crash and the derailment of the JR Fukuchiyama Line, and this is the first time for a ship accident.

In the morning hearing, a professor at the University of Tokyo's Graduate School of Failure, who specializes in failure studies, said that the facts were accurately described, pointed out technical and organizational causes,

and that a lawyer specializing in marine accidents and other accidents had been able to collect objective evidence without disputes.

The hearing is scheduled to last until the afternoon, and the Japan Transportation Safety Board will compile a final report based on the opinions of the 5th.