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Grave of the trans woman in a cemetery in Berlin-Lichtenberg: State security investigates

Photo: Jürgen Ritter / URS MOSER / IMAGO

Once again, the grave of a trans woman who set herself on fire on Alexanderplatz in September 2021 and subsequently died has been desecrated in Berlin. This was announced by the police on Monday. According to the report, unknown persons covered the grave in a cemetery in the district of Lichtenberg with fire brigade barrier tape and attached a sticker with a "warning symbol". The new act had been noticed on Monday morning.

According to the police, the state security of the State Criminal Police Office took over the investigation because of a disturbance of the peace of the dead. The grave had already been desecrated several times by placing disparaging objects on it. Most recently, in April, unknown persons left a rubber breast on the gravesite.