Beijing, July 7 (Zhongxin Net) (Liu Yue) "Zhang Renya, shoot, leave me alone!" In an instant, blood-colored flowers bloomed on the white cheongsam - in the movie "Power Code", the scene of "Xia Yilan" heroically sacrificed made many viewers burst into tears.

The movie "Power Code" is based on the real experience of Zhang Renya, the "guardian of the party constitution", and tells the story of early revolutionaries who risked their lives again and again. Among them, the role of progressive young woman Xia Yilan is played by actor Chen Duling. Chen Duling said that in the process of playing a revolutionary predecessor, she drew different strength.

Eight years after his debut, Chen Duling also has his own "power code".

"Power Code" stills. Photo courtesy of interviewee

Interpreting the role with heart The challenge is extraordinary

From enthusiastic young students to revolutionaries with staunch beliefs, the screenwriter's fictional character "Xia Yilan" is like a ray of light in that stormy era.

Even in the face of fictional characters, we can feel Chen Duling's awe and cherishment, and when preparing to star, she consulted biographies, in-depth understanding of historical background, and did a lot of homework: "First of all, I feel honored to play these excellent characters, and secondly, in the process of playing them, in the process of doing homework to get close to the characters, I am often moved by the deeds of the characters." This is a process by which an actor takes his strength from a character. ”

In the arc of the characters, the actors also grow. Talking about the most impressive scene during the filming process, she did not hesitate to choose the reunion clip of Xia Yilan and Zhang Renya three years later: "That scene impressed me quite deeply, because Xia Yilan grew up at this time, and Comrade Zhang Renya's inner thinking also had a relatively big change. So the first meeting of the reunion is actually a little complicated and contradictory emotions. ”

"Power Code" stills

Chen Duling summed up the hazy feelings of the two protagonists with the expression of "wanting to touch but can't touch": "Compared with some revolutionary-themed film and television dramas I have played before, the love expression of the film "Power Code" is more restrained and subtle, and there are many emotional scenes that are suppressed in the heart. Because in those days, in the hearts of revolutionary young people like them, the great love of the family and the country and the party spirit were higher than their own personal interests and personal feelings. ”

Chen Duling believes that this complex emotion is a big challenge in performance. She revealed that Zhang Tong, who played "Zhang Renya", also gave herself a lot of valuable advice and guidance in performance. He taught himself how to be more restrained and subtle in his emotional processing, and which performance method is more in line with the requirements of historical themes: "His handling has inspired me a lot and has a very important impact on my creative process." ”

Interestingly, Chen Duling, who began to cooperate with Zhang Tong with a learning mentality, did not expect that the two quickly became familiar because of the common topic of "games": "Before I met Teacher Zhang Tong, I watched his "Age of Awakening". The impression of him is that he is the best actor of the Feitian Award, and he is a very good senior, and I always feel that I can learn a lot by working with him. ”

"Power Code" stills

"After working together, I feel that others are very kind. We became familiar because when I was on set, I told him that I was playing League of Legends, and he said that he also played this game, and then I would ask him if he wanted to go black together. ”

When it comes to his favorite games, Chen Duling smiled a little shyly, just like he smiled at the camera when he accidentally entered the entertainment industry eight years ago.

By chance, he entered the actor industry to hone his acting skills and overcome difficulties

"God testifies, I'm a good girl. I have excellent grades, help others, endure hardships and stand hard work, respect for my elders..." On the big screen of the theater in 2015, a beautiful and stubborn face crashed straight into the eyes of the audience. This movie, which influenced Chen Duling's life, is called "Left Ear".

That year, Chen Durin was 22 years old.

This line is a true portrayal of Chen Duling's life in the first 22 years. She has excellent grades since childhood, well-behaved and sensible, and was successfully admitted to the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering of Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics in 2012. In her freshman year, she won a selection competition with an ID photo and became unexpectedly popular on the Internet. In 2014, she was a sophomore and was favored by Rao Xueman and Su Youpeng, and cooperated with Ou Hao, Yang Yang and Ma Sichun in the movie "Left Ear", playing the gentle and stubborn heroine Li Er.

"Left Ear" stills

In the gap in time, the butterfly flaps its wings. With the popularity of "Left Ear", Chen Duling's life trajectory has undergone earth-shaking changes.

"The Left Ear was indeed a serendipitous accident. At that time, I had not yet come into contact with this industry, nor did I study related majors, so I was lucky to enter the actor industry by accident. For Chen Duling, "Left Ear" is not only an opportunity, but also a new growth: "At that time, I was still a student, an amateur, and now I demand myself by the standards of actors. ”

As a student, Chen Durin went through countless exams, large and small. After switching tracks, she also ushered in trials after trials. Because he has not received systematic training, the fledgling Chen Duling has been questioned about his acting skills. Instead of hindering her progress, these negative comments prompted her to make strides to pursue the cause she loved.

The character is the grindstone of the actor. In recent years, Chen Duling chose to hone and refine his acting skills in different roles, and also entered the "Yamashita Academy" acting class and received professional training and guidance. Comparing the position and scene, the plasticity of the role is the first criterion for Chen Duling to choose to star. Ancient costume, Republic of China, modern, fairy, martial arts... Through exposure to different works, her growth and transformation in acting skills are obvious to all.

"Long Moon Ember Ming" stills. Photo courtesy of interviewee

Starlight lives up to the passers-by. Some time ago, Chen Duling played a triangle in "Long Moon Ember Ming", and his performance was remarkable, ushering in a very high degree of attention. She admits that actors need to constantly improve their acting skills, and at the same time adapt to the competition and pressure in the industry: "Compared with when I first entered the industry, I have accumulated more experience in the acting industry, and I have also come into contact with a variety of excellent crews, and I have also gone to the 'Yamashita Academy' for further study." Both the understanding of the characters and the performance have been gained. ”

Eight years after her debut, she has her own "power code"

Sincerity, transparency, and openness - this is the impression that Chen Duling left on reporters during the exchange.

For example, she bluntly said in the dialogue that celebrities and fans should have a healthy relationship that supports and encourages each other. "Sometimes when I read Weibo private messages, some fans and friends say to me, 'You are very encouraging to me'. But in fact, I found that my fans and friends are also very good, and they also have a lot of advantages that inspire me and impress me. Chen Duling said seriously: "Sometimes they praise me, I am a little embarrassed, such an excellent person, why do you think I am excellent?" I still have to learn more. ”

When asked about his recent dancing in a variety show, Chen Duling responded humorously: "It is a precious teaching material and precious historical image of the early taming of human limbs." On the day of recording, I knew that there was such a set of actions to learn, and at that time I felt that recording variety shows was a very fun thing, there was no need to force myself, and it was nothing to tame your limbs. ”

Chen Durin photo. Photo courtesy of interviewee

However, Chen Duling stressed that if there is a role that needs to dance, she will try her best to prepare, after all, dancing requires basic skills. "Before playing Zheng Dan in "Huan Xi Sha", her setting is to seduce the king of the enemy country with dancing. The teacher specially designed the Han and Tang Dynasty dance, and at that time the crew filmed during the day, and at night I asked the teacher to open a small stove for me. It can't be said that the dance is good, but not to the extent of the variety show. ”

"I don't think it really has much to do with how the actor himself is."

As Chen Durin said, actors often face the problem of switching between roles and reality in their lives. "There's a lot of preparation going into the play, because you need to go through a bridge to the character's world. And the moment the actor finishes, he is obliged to say goodbye to the character, as if saying goodbye to a friend. ”

Chen Durin photo. Photo courtesy of interviewee

However, the character also reacts to the actor. Therefore, she believes that saying goodbye to a character is not completely cutting off the connection with the character, but bringing the feelings and powers that the character gives to her into real life, so as to generate thinking about life. Like a boat after returning to the harbor, wait for the wind to blow the sails full, gather strength, and prepare for the next sail pointing to the sea of stars.

The "power code" of the ship is the wind, and Chen Duling's "power code" that keeps moving forward on the road of acting is her original intention that belongs to the actor: "If you want to play every role well and want to be a good actor, you have to be down-to-earth and accumulate step by step." The original intention of wanting to be a good actor is my 'power code'. (End)