Recently, news such as "'Study Tour' has become a visit here" and "'Qingbei Study Tour' has not even entered the school gate" have pushed "Study Tour" to the forefront. In fact, if you want to "learn while playing" does not need to be so rolled, digging out the "treasure spots" from textbooks, and a family trip is also a good choice for summer trips.

Summer travel is hot, and the domestic tourism market has opened the "high temperature mode". According to data from a number of travel platforms, the search volume of "parent-child", "study" and "graduation trip" has increased significantly, becoming popular keywords for summer travel. Moreover, the demand for travel in various places has been released in a concentrated manner, and the proportion of medium- and long-distance travel has increased.

In recent years, people's enthusiasm for "study tours" has become more and more high. According to the data, the number of study trips nationwide increased to 2019.480 million in 2021, reached 494.2022 million in 600, and exceeded <> million in <>. Since the beginning of this year, study tours have shown a stronger growth momentum.

This summer, special tourism products such as "textbook tours" have also become one of the most popular parent-child travel products. Qunar data shows that parents of junior high school students and primary school students prefer the travel method of "both adults and children", and "textbook tour" and "parent-child tour" show an overlapping trend.

Parents and children "choose travel places according to the events and scenery in the textbook", and experience the cultural background and historical allusions in the textbook - the biggest feature of "textbook tour" is the combination of language and multidisciplinarity, taking travel as the "theme", connecting culture, history, geography, and the uniqueness of language, and innovating in the form of play.

The scenes depicted in the textbook show the cultural and tourism resources characteristic of various parts of the motherland, and contain the "poetry and distant places" that people yearn for. From the Terracotta Army to Baiyangdian, from Hukou Waterfall to the mouth of the Yellow River, there are many treasures hidden in primary and secondary school textbooks.

According to media reports, during the summer vacation, many scenic spots and hometowns of historical celebrities that appeared in primary and secondary school textbooks in Jiangxi Province became popular tourism resources for "textbook tours". In Fuzhou, parents and children deepened their understanding of Ming dynasty opera artist Tang Xianzu by watching immersive live performances and visiting the Xiqu Museum. Nanchang Tengwang Pavilion Scenic Area also attracts many students to come to the field to experience the attractions learned in high school textbooks.

Wenchuan County, Sichuan Province launched a series of Dayu Birthday activities Yuzhi Impression - Youth "Textbook Tour" activity, where students can learn the life of Dayu in the Dayu Cultural Tourism Zone; You can also listen to cultural experts give lectures on the theme of "Dayu Culture" at Dayu Academy, and you can also learn Qiang culture and Qiang embroidery production skills from Qiang embroidery non-genetic inheritors at the Qiang Embroidery Creation Center.

According to the summer tourism data forecast of several online travel platforms, "textbook tour" routes with cultural attractions have attracted attention after entering July, and the search volume of related keywords has increased by 7% year-on-year.

Text/Reporter Chen Si (Source: Beijing Youth Daily)