Hangzhou, July 7 (Zhongxin Net) Recently, enthusiastic citizens in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, discovered that the Xiying Pavilion, a popular pavilion in the West Lake scenic area, is suspected of settling. "I feel that this pavilion by the West Lake is a bit crooked." The citizen said that he had reported the situation to the West Lake Scenic Area Management Committee.

In response to this, on July 7, the reporter contacted the Phoenix Mountain Management Office of the West Lake Scenic Area. Gao Fei, a staff member of the management office, said, "After receiving the call from the public, we immediately arranged personnel to carry out safety management in the area, and immediately contacted professional carpenters, safety appraisal companies, and experts for on-site inspection. ”

The scenery of the Sunset Pavilion Courtesy of the Phoenix Mountain Management Office

It was found that the main body of the Sunset Pavilion was a wooden structure, and the wooden components above the water surface were not damaged, and the mortise and tenon structure were not displaced. The reason why the pavilion is tilted is because the foundation platform below the water surface is slightly inclined, so that the pavilion above the water surface also follows a slight tilt in the same direction and angle. Although there is a tilt, from the professional data analysis of all parties, in the short term, without being affected by external forces, the Sunset Shadow Pavilion is safe.

In response to the doubts and concerns of the citizens, the Phoenix Mountain Management Office first strengthened the management of the Sunset Pavilion, with 24-hour dedicated personnel. In addition, experts are rushing to prepare a corrective reinforcement plan.

The reporter also learned that in fact, the West Lake Scenic Area has always paid special attention to the wooden pavilions along the West Lake, and there will be routine inspections several times a year.

Beautiful silhouette of Xiying Pavilion and Leifeng Pagoda Courtesy of Phoenix Mountain Management Office

"The golden brake shines again in the sunset, and the slanting sun has a shadow of thunder feng." It is reported that the name of the Sunset Pavilion is closely related to the "Thunder Peak Sunset Illumination" of the ten scenes of West Lake. Here, as long as the weather is good, you can enjoy the beautiful silhouette of Leifeng Pagoda in the sunset every evening, so it is very popular with West Lake photography enthusiasts.

Therefore, Gao Fei reminded, "Although the slight tilt of the Sunset Pavilion does not affect safety, we will also pay special attention, in case of heavy rainfall and typhoon weather, the on-site management will conduct personnel evacuation around the pavilion, including the bridge deck, and here we also call on the general public and tourists to cooperate with the management." (End)