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Barley has been in Pamplona for too long because of the affection for other times in this square, for its legend in the running of the bulls, for its butchers in the streets. But today it is an empty brand, a myth gone, forgotten about bravery. They say that when a cattle ranch leaves the first thing it loses is the type of its bull, and this Sunday among the six dealt with some seemed crosses, hybridized with I do not know what, among those who responded to the old lineage. The bullfight, if not, was not bad. Nor did he bite. A morucha thing, on the run, inconsequential. Peaceful in her dealings, lackluster, reluctant to lash and uninhibited by humiliation. Not one really picked up.

Everything would have led to the umpteenth failure of the barleys in San Fermin. But Isaac Fonseca, smarter than hunger and hungrier than anyone, covered the ruin with a mountain of race. And he invented, with the most belligerent lot, a dog-faced triumph, catapulted with the springboard of his lethal sword. The Mexican volcanic interpreted the spirit of the plaza chewing chilies, a drink of mezcal, squeezing egg against egg. Do not look for purified crutches or other pods. He went to war and came back with two notches on the butt: ear and ear. Large door. And now tell him no.

He fought with the third, the most bellicose bull and that was more vinegared in the mansada. He swallowed an immensity with the broken down tracks. And he hit passes to the cunning donkey who closed the run by ramming blocks. And the guy, bragado, ready as hunger, I say, who ignited the two tasks with explosive beginnings that woke up 20,000 zombies from the glanders. One starts on his knees, another standing, changed, pendulous. Ándale, cabrón! And still when he buried the steel at the last, something stretched, and death was delayed, he applauded the barley. As if it had been brave. And the people, so julay, swallowed. So much so that they almost give him both. Don't bother. On their shoulders they took him out. Messed up as if returning from the front. Victorious from his battle. From his debut as a matador in Pamplona, where he learned to play the keys of the spirit of the square in his presentation he was a bullfighter. He has come to San Fermín to stay.

At his side his companions seemed, sincerely and without offending, a bit astounding. I'm not saying no excuses. Especially Roman, who struck with a couple of cracked beasts, which turned upside down, fleeing even from their leftovers, which sometimes stretched rolling, others disregarded, without ever humiliating. Will all and more, but the compass of ideas certainly magnetized in its wandering.

A lustrous black bull, open of shovels, not tall but short of neck, had premiered the bullfight, relaxing from the beginning the tension that was chewed from the confinement. He did it because of his meek behavior, marked desire, very easy because it opened without tightening. Not an atom of violence or evil. Nor of bravery. Adrián de Torres debuted with him in Pamplona. As a letter of introduction a remove by chicuelinas and another -after resignation of Roman- by gaoneras. He scored the first half of the task from the statuaries to three series of good stroke, at his best height. The passage through the lackluster left python was a turning point: the bull got bored and De Torres lost his distance, let himself get hooked too many times and got stuck in the insistent task. The lights returned with some manoletinas – I had long since bet on giving him a party – and they went out again with a lunge to a torn bull. Four haircuts.

The bull of the snack came with a deep cellar -as out of the molds of Barley as the fifth-, of orondo auction. He pointed to a good start, a certain humiliation, which he would lose, like the push. The inertia made him get out of the good greetings of Adrián de Torres. That on the crutch he again pigeonholed himself in his desires after an opening of his knees. You could not like barley, but it had its hustle and bustle, completing a batch that did not eat anyone. Shit, but when you're hungry...

Fonseca was carried out on his shoulders a while later.


MONUMENTAL OF PAMPLONA. Sunday, July 9, 2023. Fifth fair. Full (20,000 spectators). Bulls of Cebada Gago, two cinqueños (4th and 6th); serious of different types and out of type as well; meek, unhumiliated, cracked, of marked desires, lackluster; more bellicose 3rd and 6th; with its 1st and 4th bustle;

ADRIÁN DE TORRES, IN WHITE AND GOLD. Perpendicular and crossed lunge and four hairless. Warning (silence). In the fourth, two punctures and lunge. Warning (silence)

ROMAN, OF SLATE AND GOLD. Lunge that makes guard and hairless (silence). In the fifth, puncture and bajonazo (silence)

ISAAC FONSECA, FROM BOUGAINVILLEA AND GOLD. Detached lunge (ear). In the sixth, sword somewhat stretched (ear and request). He walked out on his shoulders.

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