She receives us in the festival of Sotosalbos, a Segovian town where she confesses that she had to isolate herself for a year due to media pressure and where she now celebrates the Prime Days of Amazon Prime, the platform that has chosen her as presenter of the next edition of 'Operación Triunfo'. In the first we knew her as "that girl with a lot of character" who now, 22 years later, has managed to reinvent herself and above all, take everything much less seriously.

Presenter on the radio and in Operación Triunfo, jury of a program, singer ... Is it your best moment? The truth is, yes, I can't say no. When so many things come together at once with the temperance of so many years to achieve it, it is a dream come true for me. I am happy because I cover many formats that I like to do and are a luxury nowadays. There is work behind, but always with love to be able to achieve it. You have repeated on several occasions throughout your career that when you rose to fame, you were not a suitable profile for the media. Is this a small rematch that proves otherwise? We have to grow in the time that touches. Now everything is more open, much more relaxed, but since I come from such a hard stage... I had to take off my armor, because in the times when I was leaving, there was no #MeToo or anything, they said I was an aunt with character, as if that were bad. To have character is to have character without more, and I think I also did it to be able to survive in a rather complicated world, which we already know how it is, more being a woman. The women who have it clear do not know why we have been more reviled. Now we have achieved the freedom to be as we want and that is wonderful. Although there is always some character. There is a lot of defense, it comes as standard. I wish I could tell you that I didn't have to pull out my claw, but it would be a lie. I learned and got to be respected in a very difficult environment. When I said no to something I didn't want to do, they said it was problematic and I just didn't want to do something that didn't fit me. The frame has been diluted because 'Your face sounds to me' has allowed me to laugh, there I feel protected and loved and I have relaxed, and the funniest and most ridiculous part of me comes out, because I love to play the clown. I've had a candy that are the formats where I'm allowed to be myself. And you're in love. Obvious. I am going for almost four years with my husband, we have recently made the first wedding anniversary and I am very happy. But as a woman I respect my space a lot, also hers, ours are totally different professions where time management is key. He is more important, but because he is in an operating room and I in entertainment. Wow, it's a very difficult question. It depends on what you get. I think that managing with positivity everything that touches you is super important and for that you have to have experiences. At a certain moment they called me a failure of love, but failure after failure you discover many tools to be able to take it better and better. Do you believe in romanticism? Yes, why not? I think it's important to nurture love, I don't think all romantic movies succeed because yes, they do it because we like to see them, we like a flower, they call us beautiful in the morning or take us to dinner, that I take my husband to dinner sometimes too, eh? It has to be balanced, but a candle or a flower always make a more special atmosphere. And a question just as difficult as the previous one, does there be good sex for life? Man, of course. And with seniority, much more. Having sexual experiences is basic. I think that when we start we are all very lost and then we are making a career, like them, and also in bed, where we have the opportunity to investigate, browse and do what we want. You've claimed on several occasions that you feel super sexy. Is it or is it built? You go crelying more on you. Self-confidence is very sexy [laughs]. That causes you to have a more confident and attractive look, knowing who you are is very sexy. And that confirms it to you. Sometimes it works for me and sometimes it doesn't, sometimes I've scared. But you have to be clear about what gives you pleasure, and sometimes it's being sexy and sometimes it's not. Sometimes I look sexy with my pajamas and ponytail on my head. It is not so much the appearance as what you feel inside.Do you have to be cautious in seduction or are you one of those who after several approaches say that of... 'Let's stop fooling around now'? Well, I have fast-paced friends and I'm slow-paced, I need a good conversation first. Or a few. A good conversation is very engaging." Until I was 40 I wasn't my best friend." Do you feel like you've missed something from that relationship? Never. I am my best friend and my worst enemy, but being sincere and honest takes time, because embracing your ghosts is not easy, your darkness and your light are important. To be pure light... Well, I don't know, I think there are few women, maybe Joan of Arc. Working on oneself takes many years and I am not the same with 26 as with 48, thank God. There is an evolution, you have to take note of life and move forward. And to take away our fears, such as saying that we are going to therapy. Taboos are eliminated, like the one I told you before being a woman with character and, well, now with going to the psychologist's therapy, we are starting to remove labels and letting people live their lives without hiding from anything, which is important. You've never been afraid to even talk about the tracksuit moment, you even created a clothing line from the anecdote. Yes, yes. I think it is a very American method, that of a misfortune they make a grace, it is a kind of therapeutic game so that you can overcome it and that people see that you can laugh.Will we see you in one of the galas singing the version of Bizarrap or after a while the spite no longer makes sense? [laughs] No, that was it. There are things that happen, but in the end they become something anecdotal in your career and in your life.

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