【Commentary】Pingxiang City, Guangxi is a border city in southern Xinjiang, China, on the streets of Pingxiang City, there are mangosteen, durian and other ASEAN fruits on street lampposts. In the industrial park along the border of Pingxiang City, the roads are named after ASEAN fruits. Fruits imported through Pingxiang Port in Guangxi account for nearly half of the total fruit imports in the country.

Thanks to these advantages, many enterprises have come to Pingxiang City to pan for gold and develop the fruit processing industry. Guangxi Junyi Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. is one of them, which is also the first cross-market trade landing processing enterprise in Guangxi.

【During the same period】General Manager of Guangxi Junyi Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. Wu Yuming

Through cross-market processing, we can make full use of the high-quality fruit resources of Vietnam or other Southeast Asian countries, and the different characteristics of the ripening period of the same variety of fruits in China, so that processing enterprises and processing enterprises can maintain the supply of high-quality and cheap fresh fruit resources for a long time, coupled with overseas high-quality labor resources, which can enable enterprises to enhance the market competitiveness of products.

Wu Yuming said that the consumption concept of contemporary Chinese young people and the older generation has undergone essential changes. The Chinese of the "post-60s" and "post-70s" is the concept of food and clothing consumption, while the contemporary Chinese youth, their consumption concept is quality consumption.

【During the same period】General Manager of Guangxi Junyi Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. Wu Yuming

Why we design the scale of fruit pulp and frozen fruit pieces so large, mainly to cater to the continuous update of the domestic consumer market culture, especially our end customers are some fruit tea and milk tea chain stores, young people are bound to become the main force of consumption in the future, the development of our fruit industry also needs to cater to the appetite of young people.

【Explanation】In order to further expand the fruit industry, Pingxiang has built a fruit town in Xiashi Town in its north, transforming Pingxiang City from an import and export distribution center into a modern comprehensive manufacturing industrial park, the first town of ASEAN fruit processing, and the delicious capital of ASEAN leisure food. Pingxiang City has also built a fruit culture experience hall in the park as a window for the development of Pingxiang's cross-border fruit trade and fruit culture.

【During the same period】Su Linyuan, deputy director of the Office of the Administrative Committee of Pingxiang Border Economic Cooperation Zone

We have also built a fruit culture experience hall on the side of the park, that is, from the people's usual table, or the fruit culture felt on the street, to our museum, in the sense of smell, touch, hearing, visual to carry out a comprehensive introduction to ASEAN fruits. In addition to the fruit culture experience hall, you can also feel an element of ASEAN fruits in the streets of Pingxiang, for example, when we walk into our food street in Pingxiang, you can taste fruit fishing made of more than a dozen ASEAN characteristic fruits, and you can also see our dazzling and colorful ASEAN fruits on the tables of major hotels.

【Commentary】After the entry of ASEAN fruits into Pingxiang, only some of them will "transform", and most of them will "go" to all parts of China with logistics. Fu Teqiang, who has been in the fruit business in Pingxiang for more than 30 years, is one of the fruit merchants who sends ASEAN fruits to all parts of China.

【During the same period】Pingxiang City fruit merchant Fu Teqiang

When I first arrived in 1990, I carried it manually for cross-border transportation. Now the mode of transportation has undergone great changes, before they were pulled by "hot cars", now the cold chain truck of ASEAN fruits, can be back and forth on the same day, declare customs entry on the same day, the freshness of the cold chain truck is very good, Beijing and (Pingxiang) local freshness is not much different, very fresh.

Jiang Xuelin, Wang Yizhao, Yu Jing, and Pingxiang, Guangxi reported by Pingxiang

Responsible Editor: [Luo Pan]