From this Friday to Sunday, the Bonfires Fair of Alicante announced one event per day. The truncated 20th anniversary of alternative José María Manzanares, this Saturday, was preceded by another even older, that of El Juli in his quarter-century season as a bullfighter and who ended up celebrating and leaving on the shoulders of a square with a spectacular atmosphere next to Roca Rey and Tomás Rufo.

The Madrilenian began cadentiously to the veronica until the media with the painting of Victoriano that opened square that already at the beginning marked his good condition. Genuflected Juli, and a look at the stretching lengthened the trip started a generalized ole before starting the bullfighting in round. More reluctantly but obediently took the crutch 'Stunned' to the natural, which forced the Madrilenian to pull it -push is said now-, until achieving the depth sought. He raised his work to the right again, sewn the bull to his crutch, with the link as the maximum virtue before going for the sword, which did not sink at all, and that together with the delay in bending the bull cooled the thing until the prize was in an ovation.

Uglier of workmanship was present the second, which appeared in the alley as a jump attempt before Roca Rey entered the scene. Unlike his brother, he showed nothing good in his first onslaught, brute, without surrender. Feet together over the top the Peruvian tried 'Viajero' at the beginning, in which he already marked his tendency to flee. When he managed to see only crutch, the rounds emerged powerful, intense, with echo. But on the third, feeling subdued, he sought shelter on the boards. The memory of those first bars encouraged a minority to ask for the granted ear.

With his tertiary appearance jumped to the Alicante ring the third, another 'Traveler', who did not finish defining himself in the first thirds. But Tomás Rufo had it clear from the beginning and got down on his knees to link up to five forehands and the chest that put the public on their feet. Already standing -the bullfighter-, the Victoriano accused the demanding start and it cost him to withstand the rhythm that Rufo imposed on him, below and always adjusted. The final circulars, the luquecinas and the rudeness without a crutch to the bull delivered ended up driving the public crazy, who strongly asked for the double trophy. The president did not overlook the low placement of the withering sword and lowered the clamor to one ear.

At 20.37, delay in the start and snack included, the gate of toriles opened so that 'Amante' came out, the fourth, higher than his brothers and who cost him humiliation. El Juli asked for calm after a stumble in the opening and pulled science to try to heat some traditionally scattered lines after the break to full gut. At his height he held it naturally to finish the comeback in round, linked, chaining a pinwheel and a chest that put the square in the task definitively. He returned to the natural without the ascending tone being altered, he lay down after kneeling provoking the bull and in the media chained two circulars by the back in a height finish where the luquecinas were not missing either. The low lunge unleashed madness and this time the president did not oppose the double prize.

With the afternoon launched, Roca Rey gained ground with the fastened fifth, of serious expression, which he took by abajor the fabrics up to the auction stocking. Chilling the removal of the Peruvian, about to be rolled over after a chicuelina and not move a millimeter the shoes when linking the tafalleras.

The task was a duel of braves. The serious and demanding onslaught of 'Jara' was challenged by a no less enrazado Roca Rey and from that union sprang an intense, pure work, with the low hand as essential medicine for a bull that mutated in each batch until transforming his bravery into an uncomfortable genius. A very tight finish again preceded a warning before entering to kill. The crossing of the sword made the bull fall late. Another warning sounded and the audience cooled down, but the effort was rewarded with a well-deserved and sweaty ear that also opened the big door.

With the triumph of his teammates assuring, Tomás Rufo found himself with a hard ballot against the sixth, precisely the worst condition of the sextetand to which Fernando Sánchez matched extraordinarily. Outcast, without any zeal and with a tendency to crack from the beginning, Rufo tried in every way to accompany Juli and Roca Rey on his shoulders. That of Pepino, with much merit, found an answer in the final arrimón. And the effective final sword consolidated the desired ear for the desired final photo.


Alicante bullring. Friday, June 23, 2023. Fourth of the Bonfire Fair. Apparent full. Bulls of Victoriano del Río, unequal presentation; well the 1st; outcasted the 2nd; at least the 3rd noble; well the 4th without humiliation; embedded and demanding the serious 5th; lackluster the 6th.

The Juli, pearl gray and jet. More than half rear. Warning (ovation). In the fourth, low lunge fulminant (two ears). He went out on the shoulders with Roca Rey and Tomás Rufo.

Roca Rey, burgundy and jet. Lunge loose and pierced and hairless. Notice (ear). In the fifth, he lunges loosely. Two warnings (ear).

Thomas Rufus, of Corinth and gold. Low fulminant lunge (ear with strong request for another). In the sixth, detached lunge (ear).

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