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Personal trainers, cooks, manicurists, hairdressers, assistants... In the world of Hollywood there is a parallel star system: that of professionals chosen and referenced by celebrities. This is the case of the Brazilian Rebecca Faria (Rio de Janeiro, December 11, 1992), the expert in lymphatic massage that everyone wants to go to. The furor for his therapy is such that he accumulates a waiting list of more than 2,300 patients.

"I started giving massages to friends and family at my grandmother's house," she says. Word of mouth quickly earned him a reputation. "Although I did engineering, my passion for the world of beauty and wellness led me to obtain a master's degree in body aesthetics, to dedicate myself to cosmetology in Brazil and to study oriental medicine in Australia." There he focused on techniques that help maintain balance to preserve health and prevent disease, what they call yin and yang.

He discovered the techniques of manual lymphatic drainage, which are usually used after surgeries or when there is accumulation of fluid. Unlike conventional massage, he explains, these are repetitive, slow movements executed on the extremities under strong pressure. "The method aims to kick-start the lymphatic system by expelling toxins and minimizing water retention. That's why many patients feel thinner, as if contouring their figure, after the toxins are directed to the urinary tract to be eliminated, "says Faria.


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With all this training he left for Los Angeles in 2018, creating an inescapable trend prior to the red carpet. Obviously, the road to success was not easy. "I always dreamed of bringing my treatment to the United States, but I knew I would have to start scratching because no one knew lymphatic massage then."

He had to adapt to a new country and culture, with the language barrier and financial difficulties, he says. "I often resorted to offering free home visits to show off my technique and educate about the benefits of lymphatic massage." Through hard work, dedication and perseverance, she describes, she was able to gradually build a business: Detox by Rebecca. The key, she says, was to be a pioneer. "I was able to cater to a lot of celebrities and it started to really spread through Hollywood."

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Names as relevant as the Kardashians sisters, the model Hailey Bieber, partner of the famous Justin Bieber, and the singer Ariana Grande, among others. "I've never acted differently because they're famous and they trust me," he says. When she moved to Los Angeles she hadn't done any advertising before and her Instagram was in the infancy. "I was just trying to show people my work. I'd say, 'You let me give you a massage. You don't even have to pay me.' And then that person would recommend me to others."

Until he began to appear on fashion blogs and social networks, among profiles with many followers and celebrities. Today the boom is such that it accumulates a waiting list of 2,300 people. "I am discreet, simple. I know how to behave. I treat all my patients equally so that they feel comfortable," he says.


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Its manual technique is indicated for all body types, although there are some exceptions: "It is contraindicated in cases of acute infection, phlebitis, thrombophlebitis, active and diagnosed cancer, heart failure, hypotension, hyperthyroidism, severe and untreated bronchial asthma, fever and in pregnant women up to three months."

The most significant benefit is to "boost the immune system." He states that he feels the body deflating. "The drainage of the lymphatic system allows you to easily get rid of bacteria and toxins. As this technique also stimulates metabolism, it helps treat cellulite."

Of course, when the magic word is named, an obsession for many women that has generated a millionaire industry in search of the miracle, we ask for evidence. Massages (well done) have demonstrable advantages in health and drains improve circulation, but to what extent is their effectiveness in weight loss? "It depends on the methodology used and how healthy the patient's habits are. My clients usually come twice a month. However, if we talk about manual lymphatic drainage, without the use of devices, I would recommend at least once a week."

For optimal results, he continues, "it's very important to maintain a good diet and exercise routine," in addition to drinking enough water. "Lymph [fluid containing white blood cells that defend the body from germs] is 95% water, so for it to move easily through the body you need to stay super hydrated before, during and after your session."

In the event that Rebecca Faria convinces is frank: you have to invest time and money. "The treatment is an hour and a half, 70 minutes of massage and 20 minutes of sauna, with me it costs 480 dollars [445 euros, approximately] and 350 [about 325 euros] with one of my therapists."

The best comment she has received, however, has not been from any celebrity. "A breast cancer patient who retained a lot of fluid that we helped in the process and who continues to come twice a week once overcome." That excites him.

Between so much routine and discipline, in addition to a newborn baby, he loves to walk in nature and meditation. "I also need the sea breeze... I like going to Malibu [California]. There is an impressive little trail called Point Dume. And end up eating something fresh from the sea."

For those who do not have access to their massages, here are their five best tips:

1. Eat real food

2. Brush your tongue first thing in the morning

3. Focus on sleep

4. Avoid toxic relationships

5. Move and hydrate your body

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