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Rammstein drummer Schneider at a concert in Berlin (2019)


Christoph Soeder / picture alliance / dpa

Rammstein drummer Christoph Schneider is the first Rammstein member to take a public stand on the allegations that singer Till Lindemann sexually exploited groupies. On his Instagram channel, he writes that criminally relevant things such as the use of knockout drops probably did not happen.

But: "And yet things seem to have happened that I personally don't think are okay – even if it's legally ok." The accusations of the last few weeks have deeply shaken the band as a whole and Schneider himself. It is an up and down of emotions.

Schneider continues: "No, I don't think anything forbidden was going on, I've never observed anything like it, and I haven't heard anything like that from any of our hundred-strong crew." All he heard from the parties was that adults celebrated together. However, structures have grown that go beyond the boundaries and values of the remaining band members. Schneider: "Till has distanced himself from us in recent years and created his own bubble. With your own people, your own projects, your own parties. That made me sad, definitely."

Schneider goes on to write that he feels compassion for the women who feel uncomfortable. It is important to the band to treat their fans with respect. In the end, he emphasizes unity: "I would like to see calm, level-headed reflection and reappraisal, also in our band. And all together, six of them. We stand together.«

Several women accuse the Rammstein singer Lindemann of sexual assault and abuse of power. For example, they describe situations that they would have found frightening. Young women were selected during concerts and asked if they wanted to come to the after-show party. According to some women, sexual acts are also said to have occurred, sometimes under the influence of drugs.

Till Lindemann rejects the allegations against him. The Berlin public prosecutor's office has opened investigations against him and his acquaintance Alina Makeeva, who is said to have brought him women.