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She says it herself: "I love dressing up." He can't lie. With last night, it is already the second time that Rosalía let herself be bundled by El Hormiguero and Pablo Motos to give the surprise. If in March of last year, the singer accepted the challenge of becoming a reporter and going out to listen live and live what the people thought of her, now she has put on the apron and the tray and has agreed to become a waitress. Yes, in waitress, as is. If Rosalía is worth pa' a broken and pa' a descosío.

Everything Rosalia does, everything, becomes news in a matter of seconds. It fills magazine covers, articles, reports, news. The interest generated by the Catalan is incredible, it crosses borders, it peta. It has been touring for a year and a half, 15 countries and filling concerts with more than 165,000 people. Come on, Rosalia bursts it.

There is no doubt about what Rosalia is: she is the star of the moment. However, Rosalía this fame ensures that it does not go too much to her head, she tries to keep her feet on the ground. As his song says, "he is a bad lover of fame and will not really love you". The truth is that Rosalía could be a potential Beyoncé with thousands of demands, eccentric requests, with that aura of being untouchable. Rosalia, no.

The first time he was in El Hormiguero was 5 years ago. He was going like a flan. But Pablo Motos and the team of the program did what they are better than anyone, that the one who goes wants to repeat. First, because going to El Hormiguero, as much as one is a famous artist is going to tell your moves and various promotions to the most watched program on television. And, second, because the one who goes is the king or queen during the hour that the program lasts. Who doesn't like to be treated like you're the last artist on the face of the earth?

Rosalia repeated four years later. Yes, a long time, but not because I did not want to go, but because finding a place in Rosalia's life is more difficult than asking the King for an audience. On that occasion she was already a calmer Rosalia, with more confidence. That time he threw a couple at him. She planted a wig, glasses and went out into the street like a reporter fresh out of college to ask about herself. The play went round. Rosalía broke with that image of untouchability that all artists of her stature have and, at the same time, she put herself in the hands of El Hormiguero and, especially, Jordi Moltó, the man who always, always, always makes us cry with his videos in El Hormiguero.

From him come those videos in which you experiment with the reactions of strangers. Of people who are asked if they say enough I love you to their loved ones, so that they open in channel and then they bring their mother or father and break into a thousand pieces. He is responsible for experimenting with feelings and making many blindfolds fall off. To bring out emotions that we all have, but that we hide and that do not awaken until we see it in front of our eyes.

With Rosalia, the first experiment was, first, that she accepted and, second, that she had the courage to face what they thought of her without anyone knowing it was her. It came out perfect. Rosalía was 10 because Rosalía likes to play, because she does not live in a cloud, she lives with her feet very close to the ground. She has said it many times, she is lucky to have her family, her sister, who is the one who brings her back to earth when the balloon begins to escape. And that is why Rosalía is not afraid to listen to what they may think of her, or to face face to face with a reality that she has never abandoned, nor to do it again.

Yes, last night they did it again, she, Jordi Moltó and El Hormiguero. A few days ago, Moltó again proposed to Rosalía to dress up again, this time as a waitress, go to a restaurant in the center of Madrid and pose as a very special waitress, a waitress who literally sang you the dishes with phrases from her new single Tuya, with the same self-confidence as the first time, with the same naturalness, with the same daring, with the same courage.

Rosalia's tears

It is true that when you are someone like Rosalia, whatever you do will always protect the adoration and admiration of millions of people, but you have to get in front of you, disguise yourself, pretend to be someone you are not, gamble so that you are not discovered and, above all, that it is not the role of a waitress to use, It is that of a waitress who is not a waitress and who has to play the role of a very particular waitress.

It is to stand before two clients who are asking you for dessert and start singing the desserts with verses of your new song. It is to approach a client, ask him for his favorite number and from there take the next verse. It is that you drop the tray in front of all customers, is that some Italians try to flirt with you and Rosalia responds to them by hesitating them. It is to throw her, speaking in silver, many ovaries.

The video was recorded last Thursday. Jordi Moltó came up with the idea, he proposed it to Rosalía and the artist did not take half a second to accept. And this says more about her than anything else. How many artists of Rosalía's category would accept to get into a sink like this? Few, if any.

It is true that she is in good hands, that they will not show anything that could damage Rosalia's image, but it is exposing yourself outside the image that everyone has of you. It's letting go of a "pussy" because it escapes you. It is to endure the pull in case you are discovered. It is to have no shame. It's enjoying, having fun, taking risks...

Rosalía knows where she can play like this. This is what El Hormiguero and Pablo Motos have built after 17 seasons. The guests go to El Hormiguero not only for a matter of audiences but because they know that no matter how bad the night is given to them, they will leave more than reinforced, even if they do not need it. The visibility that El Hormiguero gives is not given by any television program right now. He feels protected, cared for, praised, magnified. And that's why El Hormiguero gets Rosalía into a sink like last night and that's why they talk about things they would never talk about anywhere else.

Because last night's visit of Rosalía to El Hormiguero was not only the video of her turned waitress singing her single to diners without being discovered, last night's interview in El Hormiguero was to talk about her Tuya, her tour, the loneliness of the artist, how she manages it, how she always seeks the "connection" with the public to overcome how hard it is a life in which, as Rosalía has been doing for 15 months, you live far from your roots, your home, yours.

It is to have the confidence that if Pablo Motos tells Rosalía to sing for Estrella Morente to be able to do what Rosalía did, to say no and that absolutely nothing happens. But it is also feeling the confidence so that Rosalía can talk about her personal life without thinking that she is giving more than she should.

Tell Pablo Motos everything he carries in his gigantic bags: avocados, ginger, olive oil and the injection that Rauw Alejandro needs in case he gets an allergy outbreak. Or it is to tell details of her imminent wedding that Rosalía has not told anywhere and do it without seeming that she is giving the great exclusive. Always measured, of course, always giving what can be given without going overboard, but giving it to El Hormiguero. Let's see why you think we found out last night that as soon as the tour ends she will start preparing the wedding, that she wants it to be a tiny wedding, although she is not sure if it can be and that she would love to wear a Vivienne Westwood dress.

It is even revealing how Rauw Alejandro asked him: "He asked me in Puerto Rico. It was in his grandparents' house that is in the mountains and you can see all of Puerto Rico. There was fireworks because it was New Year's. I didn't expect it at all. He took out the house, which was stuck in his pants, and he told me and I started crying tears."

It is becoming a waitress, telling what you would tell your colleagues even when more than two million people are watching you, it is that the team of El Hormiguero leaves the horns to give Rosalía an animetized video clip. It's the reason everyone wants to sit there. How can Rosalía not accept the scrubs of El Hormiguero?

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