Gongliu, Xinjiang, June 6 (Reporter Wang Xiaojun) "Night tour, night entertainment, night taste, night shopping, night stay..." At 11 o'clock on June 6, a reporter from Chinanews.com walked into Gongliu County in Xinjiang's Ili River Valley to experience the prosperity and vitality of the local night economy.

Xinjiang Gongliu is known as the "Butterfly City" because of its resemblance to butterflies. When night falls, tourists walk through the streets and alleys to experience a charming "butterfly city" everywhere. Tourists in "Butterfly City" can enjoy special folk performances every day, experience free open sports venues, enjoy the magical Butterfly Lake Tianshan Mountain Light Show, taste Xiujie Baiwei Night Market, tourists come here or toast or row in the water or stroll through Butterfly Lake to enjoy the scenery... The colorful nightlife makes tourists linger.

The Butterfly Lake Music Fountain in Gongliu County attracts onlookers. Photo by Wang Xiaojun

How to prosper the night economy, how to release new vitality in the night economy... On the 10th, the Xinjiang 2023 Chinese New Year's Eve Economic On-site Promotion Conference was held in Gongliu County. Leaders and business backbones of commercial systems from all prefectures, counties and cities in Xinjiang gathered at the "Butterfly City", and representatives of counties and cities in Xinjiang gave speeches to introduce local experience and practices in improving the night economy.

In recent years, Xinjiang Gongliu County has continued to build a brand of immersive night tours of Butterfly Lake, with tourists "visiting scenic spots during the day and butterfly lakes at night". Since 2023, the local area has attracted 40,<> tourists from inside and outside Xinjiang, achieving nearly <> million yuan in nighttime consumption. Xiong Rui, secretary of the Gongliu County Party Committee of Xinjiang, said that in the next step, we will be committed to creating a safe, orderly, relaxed and comfortable nighttime economic market, continuously enriching the nighttime economic format, accelerating the formation of the whole night-time economy industry chain, continuing to stimulate consumption vitality, promoting economic development and increasing people's income.

The Butterfly Lake light show in Gongliu County attracted people to watch and take photos. Photo by Wang Xiaojun

Guo Qi, member of the party group and deputy director of the Xinjiang Karamay Municipal Bureau of Commerce, introduced that after the meeting, we will learn from the experience and practices of brother urban areas, continuously improve urban public services, continue to optimize the nighttime consumption environment, make the night in Karamay "bright", let the popularity of the business district "gather", let the night consumption "fire", and let the people's life "happy".

He Guoqing, member of the leading party group and deputy director of the Xinjiang Department of Commerce, attended and spoke at the meeting. He pointed out that it is necessary to improve the standing position and fully understand the importance of developing the nighttime economy. In recent years, Xinjiang's nighttime consumption carriers have been expanding, nighttime consumption formats have been continuously enriched, and nighttime consumption potential has been continuously released. All localities have summed up experience, accurately grasped the methods of nighttime economic development, and explored and formed a number of fruitful experience and practices.

Gongliu County hosts nightly folk cultural performances. Photo by Wang Xiaojun

He Guoqing said that it is necessary to focus on the top-level design of the nighttime economy, standardize and improve quality, focus on enriching business formats, cultivate characteristics, so that there are consumption scenes in the "year-round" season, themed consumption activities every month and month, and improve infrastructure construction services such as public toilets, street lamps, and public transportation; price control; Simplify the approval of night activities, reasonably reduce the requirements for night market opening, strengthen night law enforcement, improve law enforcement methods, integrate management into services, strengthen publicity and guidance, and create a group of Internet celebrity check-in places that "locals frequent, foreigners must go" and "fireworks, Xinjiang flavor, and ethnic models" through short videos, live broadcasts, and self-media.

Li Shimin, member of the leading party group and first-level inspector of the Yili Prefecture People's Government of Xinjiang, said that it is necessary to build a three-dimensional consumption system of "point, line and area" of the night-time economy and make the night-time economy a new highlight of the state's economic and social development. In the next stage, the vitality and quality of the night economy will be enhanced by upgrading the "night economy" block, creating a "night tour" landscape, cultivating the "night shopping" trendy place, promoting "night food" food, holding "night health" activities, and creating a "night entertainment" atmosphere.

From June 6th to 10th, the participants visited the Butterfly Lake Cultural Square in Gongliu County. Photo by Wang Xiaojun

From June 6th to 10th, the participants visited the Planning Exhibition Hall, Famous and Premium Products Company, Tianshan Medicine Valley, Gongliu Butterfly Lake-Narameng-Xiu Street, Yining Liuxing Street, Silk Road Light Tourism Town in Gongliu County. (End)

Gongliu County night economic block Xiujie street stall economy and night market. Photo by Wang Xiaojun