The first season of the large-scale documentary series "Searching for Ancient China", created by China Central Radio and Television Corporation, has been filmed and will be broadcast at 5:26 on CCTV-1 from May 22. The first series, "Records of Ancient Dian Dynasty", will explore the history of how the ancient Dian Kingdom was established, developed and integrated into the big family of the Chinese nation in historical records, as well as the brilliant bronze civilization created by the ancient Dian people in exchanges and exchanges with the Central Plains and the ancient Shu region.

Today, "Yunnan" is well known as the abbreviation of Yunnan Province. However, the ancient country and civilization established by the ancient Dian people more than 2000,<> years ago are little known for many reasons. Where is the mysterious ancient Dian Kingdom located? What age did it originate? What is the magical connection between the little snail and the life of the ancient Dian people? How did the ancient Dian people create a civilization that amazed future generations?

With the help of the latest archaeological excavations and research results in the area around Dianchi Lake in Yunnan, "Ancient China: Ancient Dian Ji" enters one archaeological site after another, and outlines the life scenes and development context of the ancient Dian people through a large number of archaeological discoveries such as snail shells and tens of thousands of exquisite bronzes.

△Kunming ancient city village shell mound ruins

△ Part of the copper shell storage device in the rush scene

The "Golden Seal of the King of Dian Unearthed" unearthed in Shizhai Mountain in Jinning, Yunnan Province has attracted worldwide attention. Although this gold seal is less than one inch, it opens the door to the treasure house of ancient Dian culture that has been dormant for thousands of years and proves the existence of the ancient Dian Kingdom. The valuable cultural relics disclosed for the first time in the program, such as the Buwei Cheng seal clay, as well as the previously widely watched Dian phase seal clay, hundreds of simple muzzles and other archaeological evidence, jointly show that after the middle of the Western Han Dynasty, the central government has implemented very effective administrative governance in Yunnan, including the ancient Dian state. The records of the ancient Dian Kingdom in the "History" and the continuous emergence of a large number of monuments and antiquities in archaeology prove that the ancient Dian culture finally merged with the Central Plains culture and merged into the diverse and integrated Chinese civilization.

△ Buwei Cheng seal sealing mud unearthed at the site of Kunming River Park

Chinese civilization has a long history and is broad and profound, and is a unique spiritual symbol of the Chinese nation, which not only contains major issues such as "who we are" and "where we come from", but also contains the oriental wisdom of "knowing where we come from and knowing where we go". The large-scale documentary series "Searching for Ancient China" focuses on "finding the roots, asking the source, and telling the story of Chinese civilization", and the first batch of 7 series of programs "Ancient Dian Ji", "Ancient Shu Ji", "Jade Record", "Seeking Summer Record", "Yunmeng Ji", "Rice Record" and "Heluo Ji" are launched. The program deepens the creative concept of "thought + art + technology", makes full use of new technologies such as free perspective, large-scene 3D scanning, XR+, innovates the design of visual images, brings the perspective directly from the museum to the archaeological site, and shows the formation process of the <>,<>-year-old uninterrupted flow and diversified integration pattern of Chinese civilization with a glance of <>,<> years of ancient and modern "crossing", vividly reflecting the development process of the Chinese nation that is different from other civilizations in the world.

"Searching for antiquity" is to better understand the present; "Tracing the origin" can connect the past and the present, and learn from the past. "The future looks at the present, and the present looks at the past." Through the narration of ancient books, antiquities and monuments, the large-scale documentary series "Searching for Ancient China" better shows the splendid achievements of Chinese civilization and its major contributions to human civilization.

"Searching for Ancient China" is jointly produced by China Central Radio and Television Station and the State Administration of Cultural Heritage. Mr. Sun Boxiang, a famous Weibei calligrapher, wrote the title of the documentary.

△ Simple muck unearthed at the site of Kunming River Park

"Ancient China: Ancient Dian Ji" will be premiered at 5:26 on CCTV-27 on May 1 and 22, and will be broadcast simultaneously on CCTV, CCTV and other new media platforms. (CCTV News Client)