【Explanation】According to the deployment of the National Immigration Administration, from May 2023, 5, four adjustments and measures will be implemented to optimize entry and exit management, including the full restoration of fast customs clearance at ports. To this end, the Xiamen Border Inspection Station has carefully deployed the cross-strait "mini three links" passenger terminal port to resume fast-track customs clearance, so as to optimize the entry-exit customs clearance experience and smooth cross-strait personnel exchanges.

On the same day, a reporter from the China News Agency observed at the Xiamen Wutong Passenger Terminal that after learning that the express channel was opened, Taiwan compatriots traveling to and from the "mini three links" passenger ship went to the port to handle the collection of information for quick inspection. A number of Taiwan compatriot passengers who successfully cleared customs through the fast track extended their thumbs and thumbs up.

【During the same period】Taiwan compatriot Liu Guocai

Today I came for the first time, and I felt that (fast track) was faster than manual one, it should be much faster.

【During the same period】Kinmen folk Lu Youming

In fact, quite a lot of Kinmen people are coming and going to Xiamen, so in fact, they are quite convenient, (fast channel) is to go directly over, so you don't have to spend so much time in labor.

【Explanation】In order to ensure the smooth restoration of fast customs clearance at ports, the Gaoqi Border Inspection Station of Xiamen Border Inspection Station planned in advance, systematically carried out business training, strengthened the testing and maintenance of customs clearance equipment, arranged the "Tongxin Bridge" service team personnel to provide pre-guidance and consultation and assistance, provided Hokkien "Xiangyin" services, released video videos of fast customs clearance guidelines, helped the majority of inbound and outbound passengers to familiarize themselves with and popularize the fast customs clearance process, and took multiple measures to improve the passengers' fast customs clearance experience.

【During the same period】Xiamen Gaoqi Border Checkpoint, deputy captain of the third comprehensive duty team, Daina

Passengers can use their own documents, and then the whole process of self-service through the machine to clear customs, then its major advantage is to reduce the time of passengers in front of the desk because of communication or manual waiting in line, more convenient and faster, but also to meet the needs of passengers with different needs for customs clearance.

It is reported that at the Xiamen Wutong Passenger Terminal Port, a total of 22 fast channels have been set up at the entry-exit border inspection site, including 10 outbound and 12 entry, which will greatly shorten the customs clearance time of inbound and outbound passengers after restoration, and effectively alleviate the pressure of inbound and outbound passenger flow that continues to rise after the "Class B tube".

Reporter Li Siyuan reported from Xiamen, Fujian

Responsible Editor: [Luo Pan]