Fuzhou, 5 May (ZXS) -- The "living fossils" of the Qiu culture have gained new vitality

Written by Ye Qiuyun

On May 5th, the national intangible cultural heritage Shaowu Wu Dance Cultural and Creative Products Release Conference was held in Sanfang Seven Alleys, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, and the intangible cultural heritage creation paintings of "Open Road" and "White Snake" were officially unveiled.

Wu Wu is a form of witch dance in ancient times in the Central Plains to drive away epidemics and ghosts and pray for blessings and disasters. Shaowu dance began in the Song Dynasty, and unlike other places that evolved into "opera", Shaowu dance retains more of the ancient charm and is known as the "living fossil" of the Shaowu culture.

How to inherit and protect the culture is one of the hot topics at present. How to revitalize traditional culture? Shaowu City explores "science and technology + cultural tourism", history and future inheritance, and the marriage of science and technology and culture.

"The intangible cultural heritage creation paintings released this time are inspired by the Wuwu mask, which is the application of blockchain technology and the embodiment of 'technology + cultural tourism'." Deng Weihua, secretary of the party group and director of Shaowu Municipal Bureau of Culture, Sports and Tourism, said that the paintings are vivid, showing the ancient charm of Wu Wu dance, which is very cultural.

It is reported that Shaowu dance is the convergence and integration of Central Plains culture, Chu culture and ancient Yue culture, and at the same time integrates interpretation, Taoism, Confucianism and folk beliefs, which has rich connotations and is unique in various local cultures across the country. In recent years, its academic value in folklore, art, religion and other aspects is receiving more and more scholars' attention.

At present, "Generation Z" youth are also actively participating in the inheritance and protection of non-genetic inheritance.

Shaowu Wu Wu Dance – Provincial inheritor He Mingling has been engaged in Wu Wu Wu Dance for more than 30 years. She said that at present, with the development of intangible cultural heritage activities in schools and communities, Shao Wuqi dance has attracted a large number of "post-00s" and "post-10s" enthusiasts to inherit and protect this intangible cultural heritage skill together.

"Generation Z" youth participate in the Shao Wu Dance Performance. Photo by China News Agency reporter Ye Qiuyun

At the event site, the launching ceremony of "Shaowu is a good place" Shaowu Dance Cultural and Creative Products was held at the same time. Based on the inspiration of the previously released intangible cultural heritage - Wuwu Mask, Shaowu City has developed a series of cultural and creative products, including Wuwu silk scarves, eco-friendly backpacks, mugs, ceramic coasters, Kyocera hanging paintings, umbrellas, throw pillows, etc.

With the advent of the Internet era, online communication has become one of the main forms of social interaction. In Deng Weihua's view, emojis not only replace the blank of text expression, but also a kind of cultural transmission, expanding the transmission channels of Wu culture, Shaowu City designed a series of emoji for this, interpreting traditional culture with cute anime images, which is quite recognized by netizens. (End)