Rafael Jiménez Castro 'Chicuelo', son of the mythical Manuel Jiménez 'Chicuelo' and dean of the Sevillian bullfighters, has died during the early hours of this Saturday at 86 years of age, according to Mundotoro. Rafael was born in the Alameda on March 7, 1937 and was the fourth son of Manuel Chicuelo, a transcendental bullfighter in the history of bullfighting.

After bullfighting in public at a festival in Lora del Río in 1951, he debuted with horses in Cabra (Córdoba) on June 24, 1952 and appeared in Seville on May 23, 1954 and cut off an ear to each Tassara steer.

In 1958, he took the alternative on April 6 in Seville, from the hands of Antonio Ordóñez with Manolo Vázquez as witness and cattle of Carlos Núñez. He confirmed in Madrid on May 16 of the same year with bulls of Galache and Antonio Bienvenida and Manolo Vázquez in the poster. In the following season of 1959, after bullfighting in San Sebastián, he cut the season, after suffering a serious gore in Madrid on May 22, 1958. that left him with sequelae for a long time.

He returned to bullfighting in Spain in 1964 -two years before he did it in Mexico-, on Easter Sunday in Seville, to leave the arena again in 1968, and return in 1981.

Finally, he became a banderillero, acting in the ranks of Manolo Arruza, Manili and the rejoneador Javier Buendía until finally retiring in 1992. For some years he was a teacher at the bullfighting school in Seville.

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