The director of the Cultural and Tourism Bureau "rolled up to the sky", and one hung on the hot search every day.

In the past two years, the directors of local cultural and tourism bureaus have come to the front of the stage from behind the scenes, showing their talents in short videos, and doing everything they can to speak for the local tourism industry: some wear ethnic long skirts and sing rap to introduce local customs at -20°C temperatures; Some incarnate astronauts to shoot sci-fi blockbusters; Others transform into ancient knights, ride horses and dance swords, show the scenery of their hometown... Some netizens commented: "If you don't have some talent now, you can't be the director of the cultural and tourism bureau." ”

The "Fancy Show Talent" videos of the directors of culture and tourism have been on the hot search many times, attracting huge attention. Taking Sichuan as an example, by the end of 2022, a total of 110 cultural and tourism directors had participated in the filming of the series of short videos entitled "Cultural Tourism Directors Speak of Cultural Tourism", and 3 short videos had been viewed more than 5 million times on the entire network.

After coming out of the circle, how to convert the "Internet celebrity effect" into actual traffic? On March 3, Liu Hong, director of the Ganzi Prefecture Cultural and Tourism Bureau, told the West China Metropolis Daily and cover news reporter that "rolling" is not the goal, how to do a good job of service, so that tourists can play at ease is important.

Zhao Chuan, associate researcher of the Institute of Ecological Civilization of the Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences, said that "out of the circle" is only the beginning, and the tourism development of a region cannot only rely on the director, but also incubate more local "Internet celebrities" who love their hometown and actively show the beauty of their hometown, show the beauty of the place from different characteristics, and form an atmosphere where everyone is a spokesperson.

A controversy "volume" out of aesthetic fatigue

After many directors of the Cultural and Tourism Bureau "rolled up", amid the applause, doubts and controversies followed.

In February this year, Du Bo, director of the Tahe County Cultural and Tourism Bureau in Heilongjiang, dressed in the white deer costume of the Orunchun ethnic group, promoted the success of his hometown in -2°C weather. However, many netizens questioned that their personal propaganda took up a lot of space, using public funds to take personal photos, and did not highlight the characteristics of scenic spots, and some netizens said that "I only remembered the director, but I didn't remember the attractions."

Coincidentally, some time ago, Cheng Dongjuan, director of the Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism of Leshan City, Sichuan, took Qian to open the "roll" for the Jiayang Little Train. The difference is that compared with the unique novelty of other bureau chiefs, netizens do not seem to buy it. "Leshan Cultural Tourism is a little bold, there is no feature at all" and "the bureau chiefs 'roll' are not moving, and I am also aesthetically fatigued" comments are not uncommon. It can be seen that in the endless fancy "out of the circle" of the bureau chiefs, the "taste" of netizens is becoming more and more difficult to satisfy.

In the face of controversy, on March 3, Xie Wei, director of the Cultural and Tourism Bureau of Suizhou City, Hubei Province, said in an exclusive interview with West China Metropolis Daily and Cover News that he was out of the circle last year because of his flowing costume in white, and he is still constantly updating short video content.

"The questioning of netizens is also very objective, and now more and more bureau chiefs have joined the short video shooting, and the output content is richer, but netizens are very picky, which may cause aesthetic fatigue, which requires innovation." Xie Wei said that this is a necessary challenge after "rolling" up, how to implant the most distinctive local elements into a short video of tens of seconds, so that tourists can choose precisely according to their needs.

Xie Wei believes that in the era of "eye-catching", content is important, but the most fundamental thing is to raise the quality of tourism. "Shooting videos is only a means, the most important thing is to establish a tourism brand, we must not put the cart before the horse, we must not let tourists see the video and come expectantly, but return disappointed." He said that after tasting the "sweetness" of the explosion, it is also necessary to insist on continuous content output to make people remember the local tourism characteristics more deeply, which will become a choice for travel.

Xie Wei's short video account has never stopped, and the number of Douyin fans has reached 31,6. Public data shows that during the Spring Festival this year, scenic spots such as Yandi Shennong's hometown and Dahongshan in Suizhou City achieved the highest number of tourists in history. According to public data from Tongcheng Travel, hotel bookings in Suizhou during the Spring Festival increased by 68.4% year-on-year, and the number of people traveling to Suizhou by train increased by 2022.77% compared with the Spring Festival in 78. According to Ctrip's latest data, the number of hotel bookings in Suizhou has increased by 75% year-on-year this year.

"As long as you are willing to stand up and publicize the director of your hometown, no matter what, it is worthy of praise." Xie Wei said that although there are more bureau directors who have "rolled up", they are not the majority, and there is still a lot of room for publicity in the cultural tourism market in the future.

A concept "rolls" out the connotation and practices internal skills

When the directors of the national cultural and tourism bureau were "rolling" hotly, the first generation of "Internet celebrity" directors chose to "keep a low profile".

Click on the Douyin account of Liu Hong, director of the Ganzi Prefecture Cultural and Tourism Bureau in Sichuan, and you can notice that the frequency of his video updates has decreased significantly in recent times.

"Rolling up is not the goal, more importantly, I hope to promote the beautiful scenery of Ganzi through the Internet and bring tourists in." Liu Hong said that in recent years, Ganzi's tourism data has increased significantly. This year's Spring Festival received 45,66 tourists, and the total comprehensive tourism income was more than 5 million yuan, an increase of 106.33% and 107.42% respectively over the same period last year.

"After the fire, Ganzi should practice hard, rectify the tourism market, do a good job in quality service, and let tourists play at ease, which is also what we are doing at this stage." In this way, everyone who comes to Ganzi will become the spokesperson of Ganzi. Liu Hong said.

He has already put it into action. In February this year, some netizens complained about Kangding Hotel on the short video platform. Subsequently, Liu Hong responded to the concerns of netizens in a timely manner and quickly gave the results of the handling. At the same time, he took this opportunity to tell all business owners in Kardze Prefecture that they must operate in good faith, purify the market, and domineeringly shout: "Whoever smashes the pot of Ganzi tourism, I will smash his rice bowl." Subsequently, Kangding City also immediately launched the "Net Travel Campaign", which explored the relevant problems in the hotel industry in the city, found gaps, made up for shortcomings, and provided services.

When it comes to the director of the Internet celebrity bureau, He Jiaolong has also attracted much attention. In 2020, He Jiaolong, then the deputy county magistrate of Zhaosu County in Xinjiang, became popular for the short video "Cema Xueyuan". In 2021, she was transferred from Zhaosu County to Yili Prefecture as the deputy director of the Cultural and Tourism Bureau. As He Jiaolong exploded and "went out of the circle", Zhaosu County and even Ili Prefecture, where she was located, were also brought on fire. Today, she has become one of the "Xinjiang Cultural Tourism Recommenders", leading the live broadcast team to move forward towards rural revitalization. At present, the sales of agricultural and sideline products with live streaming have exceeded 2 million yuan, driving more than 1,2300 local direct employment.

A suggestion to incubate more local "influencers"

Zhao Chuan, associate researcher at the Institute of Ecological Civilization of the Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences, believes that it is a good phenomenon for the director of the national cultural and tourism bureau to "roll up". "There is a promotion and promotion effect, which can make relevant departments think deeply and personally promote local cultural tourism publicity, forming a trend of catching up with me and inheriting innovation." At the same time, through such short video promotion activities, cultural and tourism bureaus across the country have established their own short video teams, mastered the experience of new media communication, and laid the foundation for future tourism promotion and promotion.

"Going out of the loop is just the beginning, and we should think more deeply and continue to take a series of initiatives. Because the tourism development of a region cannot be separated from the work of the director, but it cannot rely on the director alone. Zhao Chuan suggested that through the director of culture and tourism to drive local self-media communication, incubate more local "Internet celebrities" who love their hometown and actively show the beauty of their hometown, show the beauty of the place from different characteristics, form an atmosphere where everyone is a spokesperson, and promote the promotion and marketing of local cultural tourism products.

At the same time, more tourism consumption conversion should be promoted. "All localities have done a good job in linking various products, including scenic spots, hotels, catering, specialties, entertainment, etc., and should think about how to promote the prosperity of the cultural tourism market through this activity, and truly further restore and expand social consumption." Zhao Chuan said.

West China Metropolis Daily - cover news reporter Yang Jinzhu Zhao Yi