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Small, gradual changes generate better long-term outcomes than radical but unsustainable changes. But it is difficult to apply this thesis, which is perfectly described by the author James Clear in Atomic Habits. Instead of advocating a moderate but repeated effort over time, when spring arrives again we opt for titanic impulses that quickly run out.

It is likely that the purpose of physical activity is to wear palmito on the beach in summer and that is our mistake: to place the sport in an aesthetic point of view. The bad news is that an express bikini operation doesn't do much good. The same thing happens with those New Year's resolutions that most fail to fulfill. There is an inverse relationship between demand and desired adherence. The goal comes with the habit, and the habit is achieved by stopping looking for motivation outside, in which it looks at us, and asking us if we really want to improve our health and we have the will.

Before miracle shakes, detox diets, miracle creams and other recipes that will begin to sell us at this time, from ZEN we recommend not wanting to be another overnight and return to small long-term commitments. For example, change your breakfast on daily days. Remove some processed or dessert from the diet. Write down on a calendar which two days a week you will train. Find an adventure companion. Above all, have more patience and forgive yourself if you ever fall into laziness. In a month you can not remove kilos of years or reverse all the excesses, try to be flexible so as not to tighten the rope too much.


Blaze combines cardio, strength and combat in a single session, so you don't have to decide. Public and Notorious

Sometimes demotivation happens because we go to the gym and feel lost. We do not know the proper technique of the exercises, we get bored in machines that we do not even know how to use well and we do not find the instructor. You may be in the wrong place but we propose an alternative. Group classes can be a good general fitness solution in small groups full of energy that put your batteries all day.

That bond between student and coach makes the experience incredible. In addition, new friendships are created in an environment like no other, of very healthy people. One of the keys to getting hooked. We propose the activities that are generating the most interest among the latest developments to encourage you to meet your goals once and for all, be in shape all year round and banish forever the bikini operation.


Depending on physical condition and diet, between 500 and 1000 kcal can be burned per session. Public and Notorious

Do you want to work on strength, cardio and release tension but hardly have time? The new Blaze session proposed by David Lloyd Aravaca is a different training, because you always have the expectation of... What will he play today? It is one of the most complete novelty HIIT, but no one is scared. "It is an activity for all audiences, since it has various options of both greater and lesser intensity," clarifies Sheila Ruiz, the coordinator of Blaze.

On that scale of adaptations, Ruiz explains that this high-intensity workout tests your body and mind. "You improve yourself every day and it makes you feel good about yourself." It does not deceive: "It is demanding and at the same time fun, thanks to its large monitors, its music, its lights ...". This creates optimal motivational conditions that remind us of the most festive environments of London fitness rooms but merging many concepts in a single room.

24 people are accepted per class "training, enjoying, getting fit, feeling healthy and strong, venting, releasing stress ... forming a large family or tribe," says the instructor and coordinator. They burn between 500 and 1000 kcal per training. "They are very complete exercises, usually the whole body is worked equally."

The lower body on Woodway treadmills. Legs, buttocks, abdomen, back, pectoral... in the force part. Legs, abdomen, back, shoulders... (lower body and upper body in general) in combat. All these areas are interspersed with times, so it is very dynamic.


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Barre, the physical activity that fuses ballet with functional training and yoga, has arrived in Spain with strength and is more fashionable than ever. New centers proliferate as different options that bring this sport closer to citizens and one of the latest to premiere is located at number 4 Columela Street in Madrid, within the Fitclub Collective space, next to Marca Sibling de Síclo, focused on a unique method of Barre.

"We have created an incredible and completely new experience, starting from the inspiration and perfect mix between dance and music. Like Síclo, music is the basis of our classes, making each movement more intense and exciting", explains Leti Odériz, Brand Manager Spain.

Behind these sessions is a 100% Mexican staff that expands its effective, fun and, above all, addictive method. "We combine ballet, yoga and pilates always to the rhythm of the music. It is a safe workout for pregnant women, people with injuries and for all ages. And it's for men and women!" he adds, banishing myths. There are very extended hours and, like Síclo, it is reserved in its app or website per session, without having to be tied to a fee.


B3B Woman Studio rode that unstoppable wave in which women claim their space, their codes and their concerns. B3B

The method devised by the Bilbao Juan Garaizar does not stop adding followers after conquering hundreds of women. B3B continues to grow adding many changes that further improve this fusion of bike, ballet and boxing in just 45 minutes where you squeeze the most.

For example, now in the cycling part on stationary bikes weights are required for some of the songs, in boxing key muay thai strokes are included adding more cardio with the music and in the ballet part there is an important functional work of strength with the help of elastic bands. The session ends in a mat where meditation brings the girls back to calm. "It is an activity designed from the beginning for them," says the CEO from his new and flirtatious studio recently opened in Chamartín.

Pioneer in devising "boutique" centers in Spain, Juan Garaizar combines cycling, boxing and ballet in cane sessions. B3B

The new residential area that is combined with numerous businesses is full of active and urban women, so it will be a key option in your day to day. "We want to be a community in the neighborhood," says Garaizar, but not only providing aesthetic benefits, but also emotional well-being in those who practice it." That's what sport is all about, achieving a quality lifestyle for as long as possible.

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