December 30, 2022

Nick Cannon is a dad for the twelfth time

Nick Cannon is a dad again!

Alyssa Scott has indeed given birth to the singer's twelfth child, a little Halo Marie Cannon.

It is the happy mother who announced the beautiful news on Instagram, in a text where she mentions in particular the loss of their son Zen, who died at five months, in December 2021, of a brain tumor.

“I am zen every time I breathe.

I know his spirit was with us in the room that morning.

I know he's watching us from up there, he's showing me signs every day.

I will keep this memory forever.

I will remember the sound of Nick's voice saying it's a girl and his look expressing everything we went through.

I will remember the sound of her first cry, her first breath, and the feel of her heart beating against mine.

My sweet girl, I got my surprise!!

We love you Halo Marie Cannon!

“, she writes.

Nick Cannon has become a father five times this year to different mothers.

Nabilla met Drake in a charity evening in Saint Barth

Kim Kardashian recently started drinking alcohol

Kim Kardashian started drinking alcohol more often.

The reality star has never been a heavy drinker, but she revealed to Gwyneth Paltrow on her Goop podcast that she now takes a little drink to "chill out."

“I started drinking a little when I was 42.

I feel like I have to let go a little, because, why not?

she explains, before revealing that she doesn't drink every day, as her poison of choice is hard liquor.

“Just tequila.

A shot of pineapple and a shot of tequila.

Two shots and I'm fine, ”she reveals.

If we can understand Kim Kardashian's need for relaxation in view of the behavior of Kanye West, her ex-husband and father of her children, we note that this does not divert her from business.

Indeed, her sister, Kendall Jenner, released her own brand of tequila…


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