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The Zara

catalog is

huge, but from time to time a garment emerges that stands out and becomes the most desired of the season.



we already know what the big hit will be: a two-tone knit dress that is pure


and will solve any look, both 'casual' and formal, in a matter of seconds.

This is the black and white dress from Zara that will be sold out this fall

It is a design with long sleeves and a wide

round neck

that stands out for its mixture of

black and white


The piece is made of 53% viscose, 25% polyester and 22% nylon, resulting in a



fine knit

fabric .


round neckline

is the symbol of


. Without decorations it is more aesthetically effective. The round neckline has the same shape, but it can be more or less deep, and both suit almost all women," says the 'personal shopper'. '

Monica Diego

through her website.

Black and white dress by Zara.ZARA

The advantages of the knitted dress?

"It is a versatile


that you can take advantage of in the office, on trips, on weekends or on any other day-to-day occasion," reveals image consultant

Amaia Torrontegui


Another detail that we love about this dress is its

trapeze cut


This type of design, since it is not tight, is one of the best fit if you do not want to mark your figure excessively.

"If we want to hide our hips, we will choose dresses with a trapezoid-shaped skirt," they expose from



Combined knitted mini dress from Zara

The black and white pairing of this Zara dress is the most elegant

Undoubtedly the strong point of this model is its combination of black and white.

This mix of colors turns a very simple design into a


model without sacrificing sophistication.

Black and white dress by Zara.ZARA

"White, black, gray and beige combine with each other and with all other colors, which is why they are basic or wild-card colors that we all use a lot. We can wear a single neutral color or two," advises the ' personal shopper'

Zaida Muñoz

on her website.





, it never goes out of style and it stylizes the silhouette. It denotes elegance and


and is related to luxury.


sweetens, provides


and a sensation of freshness and suits most people", says the stylist

Paula Cuevas


With this Zara dress, you can take advantage of both shades.

Availability and price of Zara's black and white dress

Black and white dress by Zara.ZARA

The last time we checked ,

on the Zara website this short dress was available in sizes






This sophisticated model is priced at

29.95 euros

, but we advise you to hurry up and get hold of it, because we predict that it will run out very soon.

Being so


, it is a garment that you will wear for years.

How to combine the next viral Zara dress?

Black and white dress by Zara.ZARA

Zara suggests combining this dress with high-heeled black boots, but there are endless possibilities.

"The knitted dress is a versatile and very flattering garment that you can combine with both


and boots and

ankle boots

," recommends image consultant

Amaia Torrontegui


In addition, you can take the opportunity to wear it with


, the star footwear for autumn-winter 2022-2023.



are also suitable, although it is better to leave this type of shoe for



Black and white dress by Zara.ZARA

It is also possible to wear it with glass stockings and heels in party 'outfits'.

As for the upper parts, it can be worn with a



long coat



jacket or

denim jacket

, depending on the weather and the occasion.

You should know that this model is also suitable for going to


and even for your

company dinner

if you choose the right accessories.

Black and white dress by Zara.ZARA

Regarding the colors of the accessories, you can reinforce the 'black and white' pairing or break the monotony by adding a striking third tone, such as





It is also possible to add a metallic


, such as golden sandals.

To play it safe, a

black bag

will be a success.

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