Emirates International Poster Festival kicks off in Dubai

The exhibition works embody dreams, ideas and aspirations to envision the future.

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Under the title "Be part of the future.. Design now!", The activities of the fourth session of the Emirates International Poster Festival were launched yesterday at the Culture and Science Symposium in Dubai, and the participating works in the exhibition embody dreams, ideas, approaches and aspirations to imagine the future, according to a member of the festival's executive committee, Dr. Arafat bliss.

The festival - which was inaugurated by the President of the Federal National Council, Saqr Ghobash, in the presence of a number of officials, dignitaries and interested people - is a review of contemporary trends in poster design, as the role of the creator goes beyond creating and designing visual materials, reproducing cultural meanings, and benefiting from the capabilities it provides. Design in promoting communication, conveying ideas and sharing them effectively.

For his part, Bilal Al-Budour, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Culture and Science Symposium, said that the symposium seeks to provide a contribution in which creative people in the field of design around the world participate to present their visions, drawing inspiration from the UAE’s experience and aspirations for the future that will exceed the maximum limits in building countries, indicating that The participants confirm what the symposium seeks to consolidate and document relations with various Arab and international bodies, in order to consolidate the concept of positive culture that is based on the spirit of heritage and foreseeing the future.

While the artist and calligrapher, Taj Al-Sir Hassan, who is participating in the festival, said that the poster is like art that carries a message that quickly reaches the recipient in all cultures and languages, since its content is simple and expressive, indicating that the diversity of participations and ideas from around the world in the festival strongly expresses tolerance and coexistence between Different cultures on the land of the Emirates.

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