Snow clouds are flowing in Chungcheong and Honam.

Heavy snowfall will continue on the west coast. 

Yang Yang, a weathercaster, delivers detailed weather.


Today (the 22nd) is the winter solstice, and the cold weather has arrived just at this point when the color of winter is getting thicker.

While cold wave warnings were issued in many areas across the country, cold wave warnings were also expanded and strengthened once more to many areas, including the central region and Jeonbuk and Gyeongbuk.

The temperature in Seoul this morning dropped to minus 8.3 degrees.

In the future, cold winds that cannot exceed -6 degrees Celsius will blow incessantly even in the middle of the day. Tomorrow morning, the temperature will reach the peak of this cold wave at -14 degrees Celsius, and the fierce cold will continue until the Christmas weekend. I will.

It's good to be aware of temperature changes.

In this cold, snow clouds continue to flow into the west coast.

Heavy snow warnings have been issued around Chungcheong and Honam as the snow is pouring heavily at an intensity of 1 to 3 cm per hour.

The problem is that a large amount is predicted in the future, and by the day after tomorrow, it is over 50cm in the mountains of Jeju Island.

Heavy snowfall of up to 30cm will also fall in the Honam region.

It seems that it will continue strongly and for a long time, so it is better to be careful of safety accidents.

It seems that most of this snow will stop during the morning of the day after tomorrow.

On the day of Christmas, it will be somewhat cold in the middle of the clear.

(Taebin Yang, weather caster)