On November 23, Zhang Jingan, a policeman from the Chaoyang Police Station of the Huainan City Public Security Bureau in Anhui Province, suffered a sudden illness at work and died on duty at the age of 55.

As a community policeman, he silently persisted in his ordinary post for ten years until the last moment of his life. 

  At 16:58 on November 23, a member of the public reported the situation.

After seeing the news, Zhang Jingan immediately took the auxiliary police to deal with it.

After finishing the matter, Zhang Jingan took a steamed bun from the cafeteria and some pickles when it was time for dinner. Before he had time to eat, he hurried back to his office to sort out the materials.

No one expected that this time was actually a farewell.

  At 20:20 that night, Zhang Jingan, who was supposed to take the duty team to patrol and perform duties, never showed up.

When a colleague pushed open the door of Zhang Jingan's office on the second floor, he found Zhang Jingan slumped on the sofa with pale lips, no matter how he shouted, he did not respond.

The police on duty immediately called the emergency number and sent him to the hospital for treatment.

At 21:30 that night, Zhang Jingan left his beloved public security career forever after the hospital failed to rescue him.

On his desk are an open notebook, a pair of reading glasses, and half a steamed bun that he didn't have time to eat.

(Reporter Guo Chaokai's video comes from the Ministry of Public Security)

Editor in charge: [Ji Xiang]