Solène Delinger 11:53 a.m., September 22, 2022

Patrick Sébastien confides without filter in his new book Living and reborn every day, in bookstores on September 29th.

The PAF star reflects on the kidney cancer he battled and how the disease changed his relationship to death.

In an interview with the magazine "Gala" on the occasion of the release of his book, Patrick Sébastien thus reveals to have considered suicide "many times". 

Patrick Sébastien's life is not as rosy as it looks.

At the helm of the

Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde

, a program associated with joie de vivre, rhinestones and glitter, for more than 20 years, the PAF star has, in his personal life, overcome particularly trying trials.

This is what he says in his new book

Living and reborn every day

, in bookstores on September 29.

“A tsunami came over me”

In this book, Patrick Sébastien gives himself up with an open heart to the last storms of his life.

The year 2022 started very badly for the host who was diagnosed with kidney cancer "which had to be operated on quickly", he confides in an interview for the magazine


, on the occasion of the out of his book.

"In terms of health, it's a beautiful tsunami that fell on me," he says.

“Today everything is fine”, he continues even if he admits “to have taken belly” because his “abs were cut for the operation”.

Above all, the disease changed his relationship to life and death.

Patrick Sébastien, who was able to go back on stage only two months after his hospitalization, admits having thought about suicide several times.

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“I have often played with death”

"I've considered it many times," he confesses.

"I have often played with death, and I still continue every day, like with this cigarette that I have just lit".

But he admits that he does not have the "courage".

Also in his interview for


 Patrick Sébastien spoke about assisted suicide, a subject that is debated today in France following statements by Line Renaud in the media.

The star of the PAF reveals to have broached the subject with his family.

"My granddaughter Marie told me that if I did such a thing, it would be abominable, but that she would respect my decision as long as it was my choice," he explains. 

Like Line Renaud, Patrick Sébastien is a fervent defender of assisted suicide, he who saw his mother suffer until the end of her life.

“My mother, who was an extremely lively woman, dragged herself for four years, from hospital to hospital,” he recalls in


 "She had always said to me: 'Don't let me suffer'. I couldn't bear to see her like this anymore, and I wanted to help her leave with a pillow. go all the way, but I made the gesture. I put the pillow down, I held on for twenty seconds (…) Today, looking back, I don't know if I blame myself more for having put the pillow down than for not having left it until the end. It's very complicated."