China News Service, September 13. According to the website of the Ministry of Emergency Management, at 11:00 on September 13, the center of this year's No. 12 typhoon "Meihua" (strong typhoon level) was located on the sea surface about 445 kilometers south-east of Xiangshan County, Zhejiang Province. superior.

  According to meteorological forecasts, typhoon "Meihua" will make landfall in the coastal areas from Wenling to Zhoushan in Zhejiang from the afternoon to the night of September 14.

In view of the serious impact of typhoon "Plum Blossom" on our country, according to the relevant provisions of the "National Emergency Plan for Flood Control and Drought Relief", the National Defense Directorate raised the level four emergency response for flood control and typhoon prevention to level three at 12:00 on September 13, and made typhoon defense work. Schedule deployment.

  The National Defense General Administration requires relevant coastal provinces to adhere to the people first and life first, further consolidate the responsibility for flood control and typhoon prevention, initiate or adjust emergency response in a timely manner according to the plan, and effectively do a good job in returning ships to the port to avoid the wind, personnel going ashore to avoid risks, potential risk investigations, and dangerous areas. Personnel transfer and other preventive response work to ensure the safety of people's lives.

  At present, two working groups dispatched by the General Office of National Defense are assisting and guiding local governments to carry out flood control and typhoon prevention work in Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces.

The Zhejiang Provincial Defense Index has launched a second-level emergency response to typhoons, and Jiangsu, Shanghai, Fujian and other provinces and cities have launched a fourth-level emergency response to typhoons.