Following the 5th typhoon 'Songda', the 6th typhoon 'Trace' also weakened to a tropical depression in the morning of the 1st and entered the extinction stage.

Both typhoons did not cause much damage to Korea due to their weak power, but it is expected that it will rain quite a bit across the country until tomorrow, so you need to be careful. 

Correspondent Seo Dong-gyun.


The 5th typhoon 'Songda' weakened to a tropical depression in the sea 310 km west of Mokpo as of 3 am today.

The 6th typhoon 'Trace', which was subsequently heading north, also lost its power to the tropical depression in the sea south of Seogwipo at 9:00 am.

Although both typhoons entered the stage of extinction, a large amount of water vapor flowed in through the path the typhoon passed, which caused a lot of rain throughout the country.

Over 870mm of rain fell on Samgakbong Peak in Jeju, which started to rain in earnest since last Saturday, and heavy rain of over 600mm fell in other mountainous areas of Jeju.

The area around Mt. Jirisan, where it rained a lot since yesterday, also recorded a maximum of 200mm or more of precipitation.

[Lee Hye-won / Camper: Originally, the water was calm, but the water level is getting higher and higher, so we withdrew...


Until tomorrow, 20-70mm of rain is expected depending on the region, and 100mm or more in many places.

In the metropolitan area and Yeongseo, Gangwon, there are places where heavy rain of 30mm or more per hour may fall. 

To this day, strong winds of 15 m/s are blowing in the southern coast, and the southern part of the West Sea, the southern part of the sea, and the sea of ​​Jeju Island require attention from ships sailing or fishing with strong winds.

Depending on the region tomorrow, it is expected that the sweltering heat will continue once the rain stops sequentially.