The novelist Anne-Marie Garat, author of around thirty novels and stories including



Les mal famées

, died at the age of 75, announced Wednesday the Femina prize, of which she was the winner and member of the jury.

"His moral strength, his courage in the face of the disease had impressed us", indicated in a press release the prize to the exclusively female jury.

"A great reader, novelist who won the Femina in 1992 for


, she was passionately invested in our jury, putting her curiosity, her keen intelligence, her generosity and her strength of conviction at the service of the authors she admired", added the text. .

Winner of the Marguerite Audoux Prize in 2000

Born in 1946 in Bordeaux, she taught cinema and photography and wrote novels (mostly published by Actes Sud) haunted by memory and the past, and in which female characters hold an important place.



, a programmer analyst breaks into the memory of a computer brain and at the same time takes a trip to another memory, his own, which passes through the suburbs of his childhood.

She also received the Renaudot prize for high school students in 1992 for this novel.


Les mal famées

, which won the Marguerite Audoux Prize in 2000, two women in 1942 commit a crime to save the life of a little girl.

In her latest story,

Black Humor

, released in 2021, she confronts her history and the past of Bordeaux, marked by the "slave trade".


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