China News Service, Luliang, April 1 (Gao Ruifeng) On April 1, the People's Government of Jiaokou County, Shanxi Province issued a notice in response to the news that a tailings dam collapse occurred in Jiaokou County.

According to the report, on the afternoon of March 27, a landslide occurred in a material yard of Shanxi Daoer Aluminum Co., Ltd.

  According to reports, at around 17:00 on March 27, a tailings pond of Daoer Company, located in Wenquan Township, Jiaokou County, broke a dam. Part of the factory area was buried; a large pit was formed in the tailings pond, the dam body was flushed with a gap of about 70 to 80 meters, and the mud accumulation blocked the local road.

  According to the report, the above-mentioned tailings pond was put into use around 2018, and the declaration was made in the name of a low-aluminum material storage site. The partially buried concentrator was put into operation as early as February 2012 without completion acceptance.

  According to the report of the People's Government of Jiaokou County, after preliminary inspection, a landslide occurred in a material storage yard of Daoer Company in the county, causing 7.5 mu of arbor forest land to be buried, more than 200 meters of seasonal ditches and rural roads were blocked, and part of the surrounding walls of adjacent enterprises were washed away. No casualties were found.

  The report said that the blocked roads have been cleared, and the forestry department has filed a case for investigation into the forest land burial incident.