"Shake" automatically jump to the advertising platform

  "New tricks" appeared in the APP opening screen advertisement

  News from our newspaper (intern reporter Lu Yang) "I have been sitting on the bus several times. I wanted to use my mobile phone to open the APP to check information, but I didn't know what happened and I automatically jumped to the e-commerce platform." Mr. Xu, a citizen, recently noticed , The trigger switch of many APP on-screen advertisements has changed from "click" to "shake".

  "I used to open the program and didn't dare to mess around, but now I don't dare to move it." This is the current people's ridicule of the "shake" opening screen advertisement of the APP.

The reporter’s recent investigation found that similar advertisements appeared on Weibo, Baidu, Himalaya, Zhihu and other apps. Many consumers were distressed about this. They didn’t want to see the open-screen advertisements and just click to skip. Now they are sitting on the bus. The third-party shopping platform will be automatically opened when you are in the car, walking on the road, or shaking your mobile phone slightly.

  Reporters have found that this kind of "shake" screen-opening advertisements appear more randomly, not every time they open the APP.

After testing the "Shake" on-screen advertisement of the Weibo APP, the reporter found that it is indeed very easy to trigger this type of advertisement.

The reporter only took the action of picking up the phone from the desktop, and the "shake" advertisement automatically jumped to the purchase platform on the WeChat applet.

  After many experiments, the reporter found that after opening the APP, putting the mobile phone in his pocket, or walking, jogging, or riding the subway when the subway brakes in the subway will trigger the advertisement involuntarily. At this time, it is often too late to click on the open-screen advertising page. "Skip", the screen jumps directly to the third-party product purchase interface.

  Now that this new pattern of on-screen advertising has been criticized so much, can consumers choose to close it?

The customer service of the Himalaya APP said: “At present, the platform has strictly tested the function of Shake-Shake ads, and there will be no cases of normal holding and slight shaking. The ads will not jump, but the "Shake-Shake" screen advertising cannot be closed. , The follow-up will continue to be optimized." Baidu APP customer service also said that you can click "skip" to choose to skip the ad, but there is no closing function for the time being.

  On December 12, the Jiangsu Provincial Consumer Protection Committee stated through its official account that although this type of open-screen advertising page also has a skip or close button, the "shake" setting of the merchant can easily make consumers walk, ride in a car, or turn around, etc. In the case of jumping to the advertisement page, these jumps are not out of the intention of the consumer.

Merchants use misleading methods to induce users to enter the advertisement page, in disguised form of forcing consumers to watch the advertisement, and are suspected of infringing on the consumer's right to choose.

  After consulting with a lawyer, the reporter learned that the "Shake Shake" on-screen advertisement had violated the relevant provisions of the Consumer Protection Law.

According to Article 9 of the Consumer Rights Protection Law, consumers have the right to independently choose goods or services.

Consumers have the right to independently choose the operators who provide goods or services, independently choose the types of goods or service methods, and independently decide to buy or not to purchase any kind of goods, and to accept or not to accept any kind of service.