According to her own statements, Enissa Amani faces imprisonment for insulting the Bavarian AfD politician Andreas Winhart.

Originally, the moderator was sentenced to a fine of 1,800 euros, which she did not want to pay, so she should be jailed for 40 days - an arrest warrant was pending against the thirty-seven-year-old, as she announced on Twitter.

Johanna Christner

Editor in the section “Germany and the World”.

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The legal battle between Amani and Winhart has been going on for several years. During an election campaign in September 2018, the latter blamed refugees for HIV, scabies and TBC cases in his district, whereupon Amani described him on her Instagram account as a “wretched racist” and “bastard” and classified his statements as incitement to the masses . Andreas Winhart then reported the artist for insulting: "I feel personally insulted by the statement 'Bastard Andreas Winhart, which is now the prosecution of Traunstein," said the AfD politician in March 2019 to the newspaper Die Welt. In addition, he had sent her a declaration of discontinuance. “Ms. Amani alleges provably false statements in her (sic!) Videos. Therefore I see myself compelledto take action against it, ”Winhart told Die Welt newspaper.

Enissa Amani said on her social media channels on Monday that she basically had no problem with the punishment. Amani even considers the amount of her fine to be "comparatively low", as she said in a 17-minute long video on Instagram, because one should pay for insults. However, she considers it incomprehensible that Andreas Winhart's statements about refugees have so far not resulted in any criminal prosecution, despite multiple reports. In February, the Traunstein public prosecutor stopped the investigation against Winhart. Amani says that she will only pay her fine if Winhart is also punished. As a protest, she was therefore prepared to serve a prison sentence: “I want to set an example with it.” The Traunstein public prosecutor's office left a request from the FAZon the legal dispute between Amani and Winhart unanswered by the editorial deadline.